Norns: help

Is it so that you can only do git pulls on scripts «included» in norns? Trying to do a git pull in Timber returns this error message: ~/dust/code/timber $ git pull
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

did you install timber via git? Pretty sure that git pull will only work if you used git clone to install.

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This is true. However I think the default install includes the .git directories so a pull could be done in this case.

Rule of thumb - be consistent in your install method


This all makes sense. And also a good rule of thumb. Thanks guys.

Trying to get my head around an external clocking issue that i’m finding with several scripts but not all.

I can’t get the following to clock as sequences just don’t play:
Awake, Playfair, Foulplay, Less Concepts, Meadowphysics, Traffic, Takt.

These do work as I’d hope:
Isoseq, Loom, Strum

Using an iConnectivity mio.

Does anyone else have the same problem? i haven’t tested with all of the non-working scripts but midi out does work on Awake for example.

i know i’ve seen issue resembling this elsewhere on here, check out this suggestion:

i did traffic and based it off of loom, so if one is working but not the other, it’s because i messed something up when i was tweaking it, i don’t have any devices to send clock to so i wouldn’t have noticed, sorry about that! i will figure out what i botched. thanks for pointing it out.

If I power on the device with a grid plugged in it does the sparkle motion animation and then has a blank screen till I remove the grid. Is that normal operation?

Thanks - although i think that post refers to problems sending midi/clock out from Awake. I’m trying to use an external clock on these scripts!

that’s perplexing. what script is running?

I haven’t noticed it being specific to one script. I updated to 2.01 and it appears to have autocorrected.i’ll update if it reappears.

I seem to have got my Norns stuck into a situation where it refuses to load any script. This is after updating to 2.0.1 with a CM3+ installed. I’m not seeing any errors in Maiden, but when I try to load a script on the device it hangs on ‘loading…’ and when I launch it from Maiden it hits me with an Audio Engine error on the Norns screen, but nothing in Maiden output. Anyone got an idea?

update: Through searching other threads I found the more verbose way of running crone and it was duplicate Class code in kria_midi

How did you find the problem exactly? Running a script from maiden should give all the info, if that’s not the case we should look into how to fix that.

I found it via cd norns ./ ./, which printed the error well

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OK, thanks. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem/lack of output.

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Just had the same problem, solved the same way. I’m replicating it by installing scripts with Librarian which are doubling up sc classes. FM_7 most recently

Is it possible to map a MIDI CC to a params:option or params:trigger?

:cold_sweat: So, I accidentally deleted my code folder (It’s hard to see the selection in maiden). I’ve tried to restore the dust folder according to zebra’s instructions but it seems I cant even run studies #2 and #3 anymore (PolyPerc missing?) and also the default samples in audio seem missing. How can I restore dust completely?

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ssh into norns then:

git clone

(Remember that the entire dust folder needs to be removed to do this)


Is there an alternative way to restore dust?