Norns: help

Ha yeah I realised I couldn’t find a way to describe the reset. By that I just meant the soft “reset” in the menu, rather than a full sleep cycle. Thanks I’ll dig in next time. It did sound like buffer underruns in hindsight.

So I know all the cool things norns can do, but I was wondering, can it act as an audio interface with my DAW? Would love to plug this into my laptop and record in.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno sorry it cannot

I suppose you could set up a NetJACK session or something like that

thanks, I’ll try this next time. I just fix the issue by turning norns off and on. I’m not sure what a buffer underrun sounds like, so I can only compare it to a heavy downsampling or bitcrushing type effect.

So today I went to update the scripts on my norns (the first and only time I’ve done this, since updating to 2.0.0), and after getting confused as to how to do this, I followed the instructions to connect to the norns via stfp and replaced the contents of the /dust folder on my norns with the dust-master from the github repo.

It did seem odd that I deleted a folder called /dust/code with nothing to replace it but now when I boot up my norns I get an error that says:


So my question/problem is a two part one.

First, how to I fix this problem?
Second, how does one update the general library of scripts (without adding them one at a time*.

*I’ve not done anything significant with the norns yet, and just wanted to test/play with a load of community scripts without having to manually find and install each one

(is there somewhere where this kind of information lives? like a basic how-to or guide, as things seem to be scattered all over the place, and the main pages on the monome page don’t seem to offer that info)

i apologize, we need to revise (create?) a script management tutorial.

in short, the dust repository is no longer relevant (i may delete it.) that structure is incompatible with 2.0

simplest recovery is this: Norns: update fail recovery

that’ll give you the default dust.

then, “updating” a script really just means deleting the script folder and re-downloading the newer version (be sure to remove -master from the name). or you can ssh in and use git magic.

forthcoming is some maiden script management facilities.


Ah right.

So for the time being one has to download/add each script individually?

correct. the script collection is decentralized and user-managed.

My Norns seams to be frozen. Is there a way to get it to restart? It’s unresponsive right now.

there’s a white button on the bottom that restarts it, I believe

Any tips on what to look for in Maiden that could be causing (error: audio engine). I’ve been able to find duplicate engines before but can’t seem to find anything this time. When I run a script in Maiden it doesn’t show an error or duplicate file.

What script / engine?

Did you ;restart from SC tab in maiden?

Any changes since last working?

more details:

afaik, the screen message SCRIPT ERROR: AUDIO ENGINE is supposed to occur only in one circumstance: the supercollider enviroment failed to respond to the initial handshake from the lua environment at startup. this is almost certainly because of a duplicate SC class, or an SC coding error that prevents class compilation.

but there is at least one circumstance where ;restart from maiden won’t work, which is that for whatever reason sclang or scsynth are failing to launch at all, and the websocket connection to maiden is not made. this can happen if, for example, you have manually killed and relaunched the sclang process and the UDP ports it wants are not available when maiden restarts it from systemd. seems unlikely you would encounter this in normal use.

finally: it is possible that you’re running into an SC crash on startup due to the time sync issue ( a restart should fix it if that’s the case. (i recently got bit by this on tour, i’m pretty sure, and the workaround was to make sure and perform a network time sync with some regularity, like 1/day.)

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Any script it would seem. Everything hangs on loading. did restart I’m SC in Maiden, that showed me the duplicate engine. Deleted that and did restart again and we seem to be back up and running.


One of my norns has seemingly lost the ability to resume a script on startup. Instead of booting to the last open script, I consistently get a black/blank screen, almost as though I had used the bottom button… no other functionality seems affected.

Any ideas how to get things back to normal?

maybe nuke ~/dust/data/system.state, system.pset?

(other thoughts)

  • if you updated ~/norns from git, run ./waf clean, ./waf build

my main troubleshooting sequence involves opening up three different shells on norns and manually running all the components in order:


to see all the output.


./waf clean && ./waf build fixed me right up.

Thanks @zebra!


dumb question - how is ./waf build different from regular ./waf?

i think it’s not; build is the implicit default command.

> ./waf --help

waf [commands] [options]

Main commands (example: ./waf build -j4)
  build    : executes the build
  clean    : cleans the project
  configure: configures the project
  dist     : makes a tarball for redistributing the sources
  distcheck: checks if the project compiles (tarball from 'dist')
  distclean: removes build folders and data
  install  : installs the targets on the system
  list     : lists the targets to execute
  step     : executes tasks in a step-by-step fashion, for debugging
  uninstall: removes the targets installed
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Hi all.

A couple of times now i’ve had norns power down after plugging in a second controller (2011 arc or an Akai lpk keyboard), both whilst a recent model grid has been plugged in. Grid was mostly unlit at the time.

Just wondering if i should be looking to power down before attaching controllers/devices or if i am likely to damage norns if this keeps happening, whilst powered on?

Currently running norns 2.0.1 (if it makes a difference) and the hardware seems fine still. If there are any other helpful infos i can provide, just let me know.

Cheers :slight_smile:

This is probably a tough and out of scope question: What’s a good microphone to use with my Norns? I want to use it with voice and some percussive sampling.