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i like the vibes, but iirc some stuff is borked with switching REPL pages

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Question regarding the scaling on the encoders – I’ve noticed in recent usage if I turn the encoders too fast, the value I’m adjust either goes too slowly or actually jumps oddly in the opposite direction. I don’t think I had this problem before the encoder ‘fix’ that went in a while back. Is there anything I can do to make the encoders respond differently?

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@Jonny email and we can get them fixed

I’m curious to know if there’s anything I can do to sync Norns with my Digitakt. I can easily sync the OP-1 via a usb cable, but when I try to integrate the Digi in that way nothing seems to happen.

can you describe how you’re connecting the norns and digitakt?

To connect a few of these things, such as my iPad and the Norns, I use a 2host by @okyeron

I know there are other options as well, but this one has worked well for me!

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Could be a script problem? What scripts are you trying?

Also when you say “sync” do you mean clock sync? If so which way?

Does the Digitakt show up in SYSTEM>DEVICES>MIDI on norns when you plug it in with a usb cable? If so, what “slot” is it in?

FWIW the 2host mentioned above would not be what you need here since the Digitakt should be a normal usbmidi device, not a host.

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Oops. My bad. (20 characters of embarrassment)

Sure. I’m connecting the digitakt into one of norns’s USB ports via a standard A to B USB cable. I noticed that it automatically recognizes the OP-1 in the SYSTEM -> DEVICES -> MIDI, however I’m not sure on how to make it work with the digitakt. I tried to enable the clock receive option in the MIDI CONFIG -> SYNC menu, but still no sync.

I don’t think so. I’m running Awake in the latest OS update.

Yes, I’m just trying to sync the Digitakt to the same clock as Norns, so that I can improvise with both instruments without losing the sync between them.

No, it only shows up the OP-1.

does the digitakt have USB-MIDI? elektron’s site says it’s an USB audio device. have you plugged it into a computer and have it show up as a midi device?

if so, there’s a bug we’re working on with USB multi-enumerations not picking up all of the MIDI ports.

short-term workaround (if the digitakt does indeed to USB midi) is to use the DIN midi ports with a USB-MIDI dongle.

Yes. I can confirm that, I’ve recorded a few songs using the digitakt synced to Ableton Live.

I see, so the workaround would be to use something like this, right?

I’ve used this one to sync norns to DIN midi devices.

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Forgive me if this is the wrong thread. Is anyone aware of a script for Norns that can do er-301 esque slicing of audio files? Looking to playback slices in a rhythmic but random fashion. Thanks!

Edit for clarity; check out the 11:00 mark of this video. Being able to do this on Norns night save me a lot of money. :smile:

I don’t know that piece of tech, but if you want rhythmic sample playback with randomness, TAKT or ORCA might be something you’d be interested in…

I wonder if this is planned for the future? I’m currently writing two scripts which I want to use together and I’m thinking whats the best way to keep them working separate, yet share some state and ui (on grid). Happy to help testing/coming up with a solution if it’s currently being worked on :slight_smile:

I’ll check those scripts out today. Also, edited my post above to give a bit of clarity via a video example.

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Okay, so, both Takt and Orca could achieve similar sound properties of this.

While Takt currently uses the ack engine, Orca uses the Timber engine, which appears on the surface to handle samples in much like the way this computer you showed me.

With Takt, when placing a sample on the sequencer timeline, you choose the position of where in the sample you start from. There currently isn’t a way to randomize the location of that position each hit. Instead, you can line up a few on the time line and there is a grid input that will ‘randomize position for track’ meaning next time you run through the sequence, all entry points will have been randomized. Pretty cool. But if you don’t press randomize again, they’ll be in the same place on the next sequence cycle. You can randomize probability of your trigger firing, so, you could build some stuff where sometimes it fires and sometimes it doesn’t, but it might not be your best go.

Orca has sort of a different thing going. You can load a whole bunch of samples, including one like this guy has loaded, you will place it with a ‘ symbol, choosing the sample, the octave and the pitch. Then, there is a variable for ‘in-pos’ this is where in the sample your trigger begins. You can set up a semi-random variable for the in point to create this jumping entry point you showed. I’m might look very different on the surface, but it’ll be the ASCII version of what you’re looking at right here.

If you’d like a little more explanation of ORCA if you like, just shoot me a PM if you need a hand.

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Helpful overview! What’s a recommended guide/tutorial for beginning to learn Orca? As I understand, the software has been updated over time so i’m having a hard time determining what the best or most up to date resource might be.

The Allieway music vid still works really well. There are slight changes took how the inputs are laid out, but the general concepts are the Same. Also, a good truck to know with the Norns version is if you press tab, it will open up a small indicator on the bottom which will define whatever parameter you’re highlighting. This will help you define and account for the difference that have builtup over time.

If you have any questions, we can answer them on the Norns orca thread.

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