Norns: help

Just to follow up: got it working as normal…honestly not certain what I did, just reset button, I believe

#1 request on my list because the recorder is so clean and easy to use

literally it’s only fault is lack of space

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While waiting for my norns to be born: How does one connect USB controller (e.g. Korg nanokontrol2) to engine parameters using Lua?

study #4 will do this!


Sorry must have missed, but are studies up already?

Also handy:


Just a quick thing that’s happened to me a couple of times, and worth highlighting despite it being a goof on my end: if you’re recording to tape, it’s possible to access that in-progress recording via the parameter settings in any app where you can load audio (Glut, MLR, etc.) Accidentally selecting the in-progress recording causes the whole system to freeze up, requiring use of the reset button.

Not sure there’s a way to prevent accessing an in-progress recording, but I figured I’d mention just in case. I can take this to Github also if a formal issue would be preferable.


thanks for spotting this, it hadn’t occurred to me to try this. i’ll make a git issue


hey @tehn
just wondering, is there any midi sync on the way for mlr or anything else? i have been doing my best to sit tight, but can’t get mlr to sync for the life of me, since the bpm seems to not be doing anything at all yet.

i’m diggin the norns, just not using it much as is, since i usually am syncing at least one drum machine/sampler. my dream is just to usb it between digitakt!


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You have to hold down the alt button then select the clip in the Rec page in order for the clip to follow the bpm. Really looking forward to sync as well ( crow !!! ) but for now, I settled on the low tech solution of using a clock module with a bpm ( data I borrowed from a friend ) and triggering mlr on the downbeat. It’s been a lot of fun actually. Been getting cool phasing stuff too.


oh so you can sync!? is this contingent on loading a sample then in norns first? i’m setting norns’ bpm to, say, 88bpm. then i adjust digitakt to 88bpm, and it doesn’t seem that mlr is at that bpm. then i speed up/slow down mlr, still no changes.
how are you getting this to go?

sync is high on my list. thanks for your patience in the meantime. i’ll be fully back on the code once this second batch ships (this week!)


To get the bpm to effect a clip, you need to go to Rec page (top left) and hold down the alt key ( top right ) and then select the clip you want to follow the bpm.

You can try loading a clip that’s at the bpm you want, make it follow the bpm, then just record over it with no signal coming in. What you would have is a dummy clip / record buffer that is fit to the bpm you want.


@kin.sventa the nice thing about you is that YOU’RE A GENIUS.



Glad you find my weird workarounds helpful man. One more thing, it’s important to make the clip follow the bpm if you want the inner looping to be in sync with the bpm. Otherwise inner looping will be stuck at 120bpm


i’m concentrating on MLR at the moment as this was the primary reason i bought norns - i have a few questions

  • i have a mono IN 1 and can only record to tracks 1 + 3. Moving the mono IN 2 records to 2 + 4 - i think this was mentioned in another thread as a bug but just want to highlight that i have this issue also.
  • where does the audio go that i record into the tracks - as there is nothing i recorded appears in the Tape folder and can’t find it and it doesn’t save with a preset?
  • I can’t get any of the presets i saved to load back in - i am on the latest firmware 180603? Has this been implemented yet? A preset update file does appear in the Data folder so it is saving something - its just loading a blank though.
  • how do you remove a sample/clip from the clip page? I wish to record live but it won’t let me because there is already a sample in that slot and i can’t remove it

this is on the list to get fixed, thanks for your patience

presets are not really functional beyond volume settings, and recordings are not exported to disk. it’s on the todo list

you should be able to just record over a sample. you might want to RESIZE the clip before recording over. you’ll need to turn off overdub to do an overwrite. i’ll add a CLEAR function soon.

recently i’ve been focussing on system-wide improvements and the studies to facilitate people making their own scripts, but i’ll be shifting back to working on the core scripts (mlr, etc) very soon


apologies if this has been covered already but I was wondering whether there is any reason (other than speed of charging) that means I should use the 2A charger @tehn supplies with norns and not just an iphone 1A usb plug? The 2A is US so I’d need to use an adapter. In the interests of keeping things compact, and not having to buy another horrible plastic adapter, I thought i’d check with people who know more about electricity than me (almost everyone it seems). Thanks

fwiw I’m having no problems using an iPhone charger.

OK great, thanks. I still can’t believe this thing runs on batteries AND powers my grid, crazy.