Norns: help

globaldata = {}

m = midi.connect()
m.event = function(data) globaldata = data end

function redraw()

untested !

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16n should work. have you confirmed your 16n works on a computer?

so you create an empty array to put the midi data in, convert it to a string, and then draw it?
(just making sure i learn something!)

Gonna test asap, my diy-norns refuses to connect to wifi or ethernet after latest update,(was super happy to have wifi up and runnig for a while!) so i need to do a fresh install. Probably my bad as i accidentally cut the power without “sleep”

Don’t forget to sleep kids!

pretty sure tostring(globaldata)) will return something like “table: 0x14852d0”

AFAIK you would have to iterate through the table using pairs or ipairs and draw every value that way.

Also you need to call redraw() in the m.event function. Assuming this is your entire script, you have only defined redraw but you never actually invoke it, which is one reason nothing will draw to the screen.


Hello, first post in this section.

I have Arc4 and just ordered a Grid.

i’ve got a decent understand on how i’m going to approach using Grid with the Norns, but not sure about the Arc. It seems to me that each program only uses one controller? Is this true? There are so many USB ports, so I am wondering why so many?

Just curious about musician workflows.

Several scripts use more than one controller, check out Cheat Codes and Mangl for instance. Both support arc and grid controls, and often I’ll also hook up a 16n for additional parameter controls. :slight_smile: more controllers the merrier

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For some reason i have only 203MB free on my disk and cannot install the latest update as this needs 400MB

I have uninstalled all applications but they clearly take little space. Where can i find a list of the files that should be there in a default installation? Or failing that i reinstall Norns from scratch.


Do you have lots of .wavs saved in your tape folder? That’s where I would look to clear up some space.

mat’s advice is spot on!

if you have no obvious large files, the newest update fixes a bloating log issue which might be what’s happened on your device.

if you can, connect to norns thru SSH and run ls -lahS /var/log. you’ll see stuff that looks like this:
-rw-r----- 1 root adm 278K Dec 9 04:33 kern.log.1

if you see anything in the middle (where 278K is in the example) that is more than a few megabytes (so like, 981M), email and we’ll get you cleared up :slight_smile:

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got it sorted. bad cable. thanks!

Hello Everybody,

When I do SFTP from MACOSX to Norns I get _foldernames. How do I get rid of this. It’s all the same folders preceded with the _

Should I use a windows pc to get rid of this?

I found nothing about this topic, this is why I ask.


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What application are you using for SFTP (or are you just doing from the Finder)?


Yes like in de docs

Go to Server Norns.local and then I login

I ll make some pics later in n to show

Here you have the screen of the Norns fates
Then the finder window
Then the terminal window

The _ files only appear on the Norns fates!


Just to confirm, please do ls -la in one of your sub folders like dust/code/bounds

There might be some invisible-ish files causing that.

Like this?

That’s macOS feeling like it should just write files into every folder for storing some stuff it deems necessary.
See for more info. Same thing with those .DS_STORE files.
AFAIK there’s no way to disable it on macOS.

Euhm so it is as it is?

Not ideal, but ls --ignore="._*"

Norns menu.lua could ignore listing those files. I’ll try a fix and PR if I have time (or log the issue at least)

I do not know where to post this but sending MIDI clock from Norns drains the battery very fast
i am using an M-audio Uno 1x1 and it works perfectly with a retired iphone running future drummer into shbobo but for the first time my Norns just turned off from LOW BATTERY and then because i had just done the update i was unsure if that was the cause …