Norns: help

please use this thread for general questions about norns usage, with two exceptions:

  • questions about individual scripts and engines should be redirected to the scripts’ Library entry
  • if you have hardware issues, please e-mail and we’ll get it sorted.

FYI. we caught/fixed a bug that may lead to forever-sparkles at startup, and some crashing of the audio system when switching scripts. an update is being packed up now.


I feel like I’m missing a trick for hotspot mode. I’ve searched above and haven’t found the answer. (Apologies if I’ve missed it.)

I see “norns” on my list of wifi - but it is password protected and I can’t seem to connect to it via my Mac (HighSierra - 10.13.4) or the latest iOS.


I have a strong feeling that I’m missing somethings somewhere. Sorry.

I got this on first start but was able to “bottom button” my way past it.

Aside: Thanks for all of the work on the device! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to really dig in.

Yeah. I have experienced both: an audio loss, which after sleep and wake up led to endless sparkles, which I was override with the bottom button.
Then “woke up” properly.

password is

however i still cant get <ip_address>:5000 to open in a browser

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I’ve only had time to look at maiden once and had a similar issue- I think I had to toggle wifi off/on to get browser to load

I would love more info on how to access maiden

awwww rad

works for me…this seriously feels like magic yall

i’m in love


That password was the ticket. Loading happily on my Mac and on iOS. THANKS!

Just browsing maiden - looks really slick!


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just unboxing and for some reason i’m focused on wifi first (why i don’t know), but dongle is in, password correct on multiple networks, but no matter what i do it’s “status:failed”. not sure what i’m doing wrong here. anyone else having this problem?

Quick thought. There’s a bug in the shipped wifi setup script that sometimes wrongly reports connection failure. The good news is it’s fixed and should be better on the next update. In the meantime, it’s worth checking if it’s actually connected and just says it failed.



Same experience here. Man, this is a beautiful device. That is a beautiful display. I could watch the sparkles at length…

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Inserting a USB drive to Norns when turned off resulted in perma -sparkle on power-on. Bottom buttoned, removed drive, restarted with no worries.

SYSTEM/SYNC to USB took a minute to complete but completed fine. Connected Grid did some fancy flashing for a second or two, then stopped. Remembered to dismount USB properly.

Some WAV questions:

  1. Is there a major downside with using WAV files recorded at 44k, or is 48k a hard requirement?
  2. Signed 16/24/32 bit PCM or Unsigned 8 bit PCM or some other odd format? I ask because Max asks.
  3. Of the 1GB RAM, how much do you reckon is a good safe amount to take up with WAV files?


  1. Not a hard requirement. but recommend 48k to avoid unnecessary resampling at runtime. [oop, I kinda lied. In the case of current MLR buffer utility, I think you will get playback at wrong pitch. We should patch in high-quality resampling at file load time.]
  2. Shouldn’t matter, except for usual reasons (dynamic range)
  3. The engine used by MLR doesn’t allocate ram when you load a soundfile, it copies into preallocated buffer and trims to fit. (MLR has a quite arbitrary total buffer of 256 seconds at the moment.)

maybe a part of the wifi bug ~ my norns just got stuck on password input screen for connecting to wifi network. first attempt came back with a “failed”, and when i went back in to double check my spelling and try again, the navigation with encoders around the letters, DEL and OK works but i can’t actually select anything or exit that screen so i had to force power off.

(also just want to say that i am completely in awe of this device. so beyond inspired to create and learn and share with it… congrats and many thanks to everyone involved. it’s truly very special :star2: !! )


What’s the third column in the mixer section? Is there away to arm a track, hear the source and when it’s recorded the pass through of audio stops?

third column is input monitor level. i haven’t recorded anything into norns yet so i’m not sure about the behavior but it seems like bringing that up should get you what you want.

arm record by holding key 2 and hitting key 3. and again to record, and again to stop.

I also get a failed when I try to connect to my wifi network. Also had the same sort of experience getting stuck on the password inout screen.