Norns: help



Just building the zip update file myself somehow?


no you don’t need to build an update… that’s too much effort and doesn’t get you further.


cd norns
git pull
./waf configure

and you should be good again


Is master the release branch or are there tags/release branches?

I’m thinking of swapping out the origin of the dust repo on-device to my own fork.


Awesome, thank you! 20 char

EDIT: Works! for others wanting to update, some additional commands

ssh we@NORNS_IP // where NORNS_IP is what it says on the WIFI screen
// enter password "sleep" when prompted
cd norns
git fetch
git pull
./waf configure


master is the “rolling” release branch. dust master and norns master should always be functional together. master may be ahead of the latest release.


release tags get added when there’s a release.

update just posted.


ack sorry, my bad, i forgot how to see tags on GH web ui.


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Can norns be a USB midi client? Apologies if this is an already answered question, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.


it’s a USB serial device, connect via the power plug to a laptop etc. uses ftdi.


Hey not sure if it’s just me but upon updating to today’s release MLR isn’t quite behaving right. I’m not able to load sounds into my buffers from the clip page. When I try hitting button 2 to pick the sample MLR kind of freezes. If I try to switch pages after trying to load a sample Norns does not respond when navigating with the grid. Maybe a bug? Hoping I’m not the only one here on this


you’re correct— thanks for catching that (i was testing extensively with live input, forgot to test sample loading). will get a fix right away.


Looks like this problem persists after i updated norns to 181002. I suspect it might have something to do with the Push 1 using two ports. See the attached screenshots of max and pd’s midi connection screens vs the norns midi screen. Is there a way to specify “Port” in norns?


no, it’s a known issue:

though, it’s weird (to me) that you can’t see port 1 on the norns.


I think I can see port 1, but its name has been truncated to “Ableton Push” from “Ableton Push Live Port” the live port is for Ableton Live. The second port “Ableton Push User Port” is the one that is useful in all other applications.

Thanks for the help!


how do i integrate my Touche with norns, as in the video by @tehn ?


oh goodness, i suspect we don’t have documentation for param midi learn anywhere? ah, i apologize.

  • select midi device in SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI, put it on slot 1
  • go to PARAMETERS
  • hold KEY1 to get to alt-screen
  • ENC2 scroll down to MIDI MAP
  • ENC3 toggle to on
  • release KEY1
  • now in mapping mode. scroll to desired map param with a dash
  • ENC3 to change cc, or KEY3 to turn on LEARN and then touch cc controller to assign

this method will change slightly in the future as i’m redesigning the parameter menu system with @markeats presently.

Norns: scripting

thanks, is there any configuration needed? I bought the nub you linked to but it is failing on both hotspot and network.


ha ha - didn’t even realise there is a midi mapping mode. Nice!


Have you inserted it before powering up? That’s the key for making it work.