Norns: help



Second vote on the studies - unless you want to have nothing to do with coding. I’d add that while you don’t need one, a lot of my favorite apps work with a monome grid.

A lot of what I’ve learned came from playing around with the Norns and reading the threads on here, asking questions when stuck.

The community here is pretty special and unlike any other I’ve seen on the net.

One more thing. Odds are you’ll want to install updates when it arrives. Here’re the instructions


both. i didn’t come to the party to not get fully immersed!


I would recommend starting by playing with some of the on board scripts. many of them are extremely fun right off the bat and i think its the best way to introduce yourself to the norns environment. playfair is a great drum machine that will make polyrhythms real quick. channel changer is an an amazing granular sampler for awesome ambient sounds. kayan is instant harp / string sequences.

those all do not require a grid. if you do get one, mlr is the sample cutting script that everyone loves and i highly recommend loom for insanely intricate, intuitive and musical synthesizer sequencing.


Dive in with the studies then soon as you get all the basics up. Programming requires getting a computer running and getting WiFi going can be tricky. If you get stuck ask.

Look at the maidens thread when you’re getting up on editing code. Norns: maiden

Adding a few other intro articles for when you wanna go deep


just to echo what @ears said, be sure to update! much changed since release, much fixed. keep an eye here for new updates! and welcome.


ps @jayelectronica much respect for eternal sunshine


much respect back to you brother!

thanks for replying me here as well. You are going to be my guide through this maze my friend!


hay all! just updated my norns and froze mlr 3 times. i think i may be freezing it by changing patterns where one of the following is happening:

-switching to locations on the grid which hold no data
-switching/creating patterns with lots of tracks at once
-using two patterns that each utilize all tracks, and maybe they’re conflicting

anyways, here’s a video of it happening. each crash was using mlr virtually in the same fashion.

wondering if anyone else is having these issues.
thank u!


hi @jonsimon
yes, we’re seeing this too. here’s an issue:

it’s clearly a high priority, and is how i’m spending my nights this week. more data points appreciated


as @zebra linked, that’s the bug i filed for this issue on github. per a comment on the bug, i tried @tehn’s idea of disabling polling (by commenting out line 374 of mlr.lua), and it works–mlr seems stable in the short term. only downside is that disabling poll() also turns off the LEDs on the clip/play page. so it’s not yet a workable fix, but progress is being made.


yeah this is too bad. been holding off on the last update because of reports of mlr crashing. can’t wait for the fix, that last update has so many cool new scripts !!


oh, thanks for that, @kin.sventa !
totally forgot about downgrading.


also thanks @zebra and @ioflow.
been a lil while since i wrote much and forgot about the github awesomeness.


181008 mlr crashes here as well. not obvious reason, sometimes when I adjust the volume on the vol screen…


fyi downgrading is not supported as an easy fix— you’d have to go through some complicated file manipulation to downgrade

thanks for your patience everyone


Hi, I updated to 181008 and have issues with BOINGG and LOOM locking up (anywhere from 5 mins to 10mins+ of use) and requires a hard reset. Anyone else with the same issue? Setup: (I am a noob) I have Grids in USB slot 1, USB Backup in slot 3 and Wifi in slot 4. I am not able to connect to my network on Wifi so it is not connected. Advice?


Hey guys,

I’ve been lurking the forum for awhile to see if norns would fit what I was looking to do and I was really excited for some of the features and scripts that have been popping up.

I did however have one question. Can norns send midi out to say a VST in a DAW directly out from one of the USB ports?


I’ve had the same experience with loom locking up needing a hard reset, both when connected and not unconnected with wifi. I’m checking with boingg running now… One thing I haven’t tried yet is to check if the scripts lockup regularly even when it’s the first script loaded after startup.


Not looking to rattle any cages here. I know very well how complex the Norns project is. But wondering what the general consensus is on Norns stability. Unfortunately, I took a chance and rehearsed with a colleague over the weekend and, well, that did not go well. In order to narrow things down, I ran a few test sessions and experienced 4 crashes (audio stopped working or burst of white noise followed by silence) in one one-half hour session this evening: Loom, Flin, Glut, MLR.

I’m keeping a running crash log now on Google Drive as a data point and regularly dumping my system log files. That aside is this just me and my practice or is this a wider issue?


Same here, though only running Grids into USB1. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I have other devices plugged into USB2 through USB4 as the Norns audio engine crashes regardless.