Norns: help



Thanks, I’ll give that a go.


I encounter the same issue as @disquiet does.


Hm, I had several issues with the Launch Control Mini and could only get it to work OKish via a powered USB hub. I can recommend the faderfox pc24 as a small, light weight but at the same time very usable knobby controller which does not need any powered hub to work with Norns. I used it on stage recently twice running @artfwo’s wonderful Glut script without any issues. Haven’t used MLR extensively yet.


the current build is CPU heavy when using MLR/cranes and the AUX Reverb at the same time. i’d highly recommend disabling the reverb while using MLR/cranes for the meantime.

there’s a very substantial update on the way that will address all of this. i apologize for long period without an update— large undertakings snowballed into a major version change.


Which MIDI box are you finding workable?


PS: That little Away case you mentioned works perfectly, especially when paired with a cloth diaper. :slight_smile:


no, I didn’t record it… but i think the sound guy might have.
I should try and track it down.


i’ve tried it w/ the naked boards 8 fader thing, kenton killamix mini and my old doepfer pocket series controllers (via a 5pin midi - usb adaptor).


That would be super.


I’ve used the SYSTEM => SYNC => SYNC TO USB feature for the first time. It’s a somewhat new 64 GB flash drive. It’s been running for over 10 minutes. Is this within the expected timing? What is being synced?


no that’s weird. it’s just running i think. should be doable from ssh session


Oh, I expected the “sync to USB” to copy recordings I made earlier with the TAPE feature.

Also unexpectedly, the 30 minute “syncing to USB” did finish, resulting in the USB drive having no contents. Much to my surprise.


SYNC is being removed in the upcoming update. use SFTP instead (it’s much more reliable and gives progress status)


For reference - It executes this:

os.execute("sudo rsync --recursive --links --verbose --update $HOME/dust/ "..m.sync.disk.."/dust; sudo sync")


Huh, it definitely did not do that. When the screen said the sync was finished the USB drive was empty. I took the risk and plugged in the Wifi dongle. Unexpectedly it worked first try so SSH copy was fine.


I did some testing with a USB stick and an SD card reader and noticed there was an issue with the USB stick being ExFAT formatted which was not recognized by the script searching for lsblk -o mountpoint | grep media

So you gotta be sure your USB stick is FAT32.

Awhile back I thought that I’d make some utility scripts to do copy to USB and then noticed it was already there with the SYNC thing, but @tehn said that’s going away in the next update. I may still try some limited/targeted utility scripts for this in the future.


I don’t completely understand what Norns is, how the software can be run on a Raspberry Pi or what most of the discussions related to Norns are… but it’s all very interesting to me so perhaps I’m a Friend of Norn.

Failing that, a Strymon El Capistan is friends with just about everything

Friends of norns

Norns hardware at it’s core is a linux computer (based on a Compute Module 3 - which is “a Raspberry Pi 3 in a more flexible form factor, intended for industrial application”).

Norns software is a set of “apps” or “scripts” that run on the hardware that can interact with monome devices like Grid, MIDI devices, or other outboard gear. The scripts are user-hackable/extendable with the lua scripting language - so it’s easy to create your own custom scripts if needed.


Excellent - that’s really helpful. Am I correct in understanding that the scripts be a wide variety of things - instruments, effects, sequencers - depending on your needs? If it’s not a stupid question: can it be more than one thing at once?


Can Norns send/receive MIDI via Bluetooth? I’m assuming this might be possible with an adapter. Does anyone know the steps to get it working?