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thanks! what about the outer cell? does it use an engine?


I am not 100% sure on this one, as I haven’t tried to manipulate the master effects from a script. Maybe someone else can clarify?


the “master” audio chain (reverb, compressor, mixing, tape, and softcut) will all be controllable from lua in the upcoming 2.0 update. these are also now standalone DSP processes separate from supercollider.


Oooh this is great news!


Great news. Any idea on timing of the update? Super excited.


Looking forward to this. Wearing out my refresh button :slight_smile:

Would love some kind of tempo-syncable delay on the master bus one day as well.


hola si alguien me puede ayudar tengo 3 monome y quisiera utilisarlos con norns es que puedo conectar los tres o solo uno
gracias por la ayuda


ya no quiero utlizarlos en un ordenador alguien sabe una idea gracias


@jexux10 sent you a DM


Couple Qs that I hope I’ve asked in the right location:

  1. Can one use an iPad for creating/editing scripts and loading onto Norns?
  2. Can an iPad be used to access/download scripts from the dust repo?

Approaching: norns

Sure, just connect to the Norns hot-spot and navigate to norns.local/maiden in a web browser.

not sure about this one. I’ve mostly used a computer for downloading scripts and Cyberduck for loading them on to norns.


There are git clients and sftp clients available for iOS, so I don’t seen why not.


Thanks. I’m sure I could copy/paste into the browser and then send to norms.

My next question is if the norms firmware itself can be updated when using an iPad?


I think you may run into problems trying to download files to iPad, store them, and then copy to Norns. File management is tricky on an iPad. Things are very sandboxed.

If you’re comfortable using the command line, you could use an iPad terminal application to control Norns over a wifi network via ssh and use git commands to download repos or updates directly to Norns.


Yes, was just looking at a couple terminal apps that have setup capabilities. Looks doable.

I’m simply trying to simplify. Less devices = more. :slight_smile:


i am on an ipad for norns almost exclusively, skim my comments history for some more info!

maiden editor works in ios but is just annoying enough to not be viable for long projects (copy/paste broken, some broken hotkeys, scrolling and selecting text is flakey). ssh is the way. you want a terminal app that has tab support. i had issues with that till i got blink shell.

through ssh you should be able to do everything else but to be honest i have not updated dust over ssh yet. just out of contentness of what i already have.

the firmware update process is changing but in the mean time it is probably in the “technically possible but not worth figuring out” ios category

any stumbling blocks with ios you run into feel free to reach out!


On my iPad, I’ve been able to copy code from Git but have not been able to past it into Matron. I’ve no idea why.
I can add and create scripts from ipad. It’s just pasting into Matron that’s impeding full iPad/Norns friends status.


since norns is linux, updating the “firmware” is actually just a process of updating a series of applications, sometimes doing some kernel of systemd changes. it’s executed with a shell script, so anything ssh capabilities can update the system.


Is there a consolidated list of the scripts that come “stock” with the current firmware (and maybe a brief description)? I’m looking for scripts that send MIDI notes out - I’ve no knowledge of software code but would like to use some of the creative sequencing techniques in Norns with other portable devices.

Friends of norns

The dust repo on git has all the scripts. The thing about it is that there’s no release as it’s not exactly firmware, but a collection of components. It would depend on what’s loaded at the monome farm before it ships to you.

Looking at the scripts, you can see things like this to inform you which scripts do what:

local midi_out_device
local midi_out_channel