Norns: help



Foulplay sends midi note out, and Strides sends both midi note out, and midi cc. There are several more, but I am not near my norns right now.


Is there a listing somewhere that shows which apps in monome/dust use the grid, which send or receive midi, which use samples, etc?


no there isn’t. there aren’t really that many scripts, nor is there a universally useful defintion of “etc”

there’s been a lot of discussion on this forum and on slack/gh about ways to organize contributions. 2.0 realease will have major changes. regardless, there is a “header comment” format for scripts, wherein authors should put broad description including hardware requirements. these could be easily scraped.


ha! well, arc is coming…

OK. I’m new to norns, and have been looking through the code while waiting for the device to arrive. 15 or 20 scripts aren’t many, I agree. Some scripts don’t (yet) expose themselves well.

Was just thinking it might be handy to have some method of recognizing whether there are dependencies or whether certain scripts make use of external protocols/devices.

Some sort of a taxonomy or “list”. Something other than doing a code search, no matter how fun that is.


I think this could also be achieved with a community-approved template for header comments. a lot of individualization can still be done adhering to a style guide.


Was playing with Foulplay tonight. A great script! But unfortunately, the saving does no work for me… It should save automatically, shouldn’t it? Anything I could have done wrong? Any help is welcome!


one major change coming with the 2.0 update is a new approach to sharing and gathering scripts which will include having threads and a structured list like is being asked for here. I agree that at the moment sharing and gathering are not optimal.


why ftp transfer is so slow? takes forever to download 5mb! is it the wireless? tried filezilla and cduck ( hotspot )


hmmm… It’s been a while since I have looked at it, but Foulplay should save it’s current pattern state on exit. Pattern state being the number of steps, fill, rotation, probability, trigger logic, and mute state per track.

To save your loaded samples, you’ll still need to use the parameter menu. Navigate to Parameters, then hold key1 to see the save/load screen.

FWIW, I did it this way so that you can load patterns and sample sets independently, from the grid interface. this allows for swapping samples while the pattern keeps playing.


Got it to work with sleep mode! doesn’t seem to work when switching scripts, but will try again later!
thanks a lot!


I will look at the code later on. It should work with switching scripts as well.


to clarify SLEEP, it actually powers down the device completely. just in case: the bottom button is the PANIC SHUTDOWN switch and should be avoided in normal use. only shut down this way if everything has crashed and there’s no other way.


I just bought a Norns on reverb. It arrived today without the power adapter. I have the usb cable though. The seller is going to mail the adapter soon. Until then, will it charge and run on usb power only? Should I connect usb to pc for that, or use the little wall wart iPhone power adapter?



you should be good, haven’t had any issues with various sources of usb power here (makes sense since this is the main advantage of usb power i think). two minor issues: the iphone charger doesn’t output enough juice to charge norns and a grid, and some usb charges may cause more noise than others (haven’t personally experienced this)


hello, friends!

i’ve been poking around the various norns-related threads and kind of skared myself looking at the norns help topic. i have a question for you regular (and power-) users: how stable is norns? i mean in regular, live real-time use, are crashes or hang-ups common? i’m on the verge of getting one and while playing with the many, many possible futures it implies, i’m most interested in creating the live looper of my dreams under pedal control (12-step or whatever). does using the live audio in and out further tax the processor?

i can’t stand on-stage crashes!!

many thanks and sorry for the kind of impertinent question.

happy snow day.

Approaching: norns

Have made it thru the studies and am enjoying some of the sequencing apps. Next, sample player/manglers.

norns sample app users:

How do we transfer/load a sample into norns? From a thumb drive or…? If this has been answered, I apologize.


sftp via wifi here…


I use cyberduck :slight_smile: 20 characters


found cyberduck on PC dead easy to use


I’ve been using the following from OSX terminal:

rsync -avz ssh /path/to/your/samples we@123.456.7.89:~/dust/audio/

To download recordings from the tape, I use the following:

scp we@123.456.7.89:~/dust/audio/tape/* /path/to/your/desktop/etc