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Also worth noting in that submenu you can save the preset I’m pretty sure. Otherwise you’ll have to re-map it each time

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Question about MIDI interfacing with norns:

Is there a USB-A to USB-A(or C) option available? I have a couple Mins that I used with hardware synths in the past, one with USB-A and one with a Lightning connecter.

I’d like an option which bypasses the need for Din MIDI connecters. Ideally, norns would have the USB-host style connector so we could use available adapters to wire norns to an iPad and/or USB-A(or C) port on a computer.




There are USB A to A cables available-- is that what you’re asking? Beyond that, host behavior might be dependent on the devices involved.



That cable doesn’t seem to work to pass MIDI data

My goal is to use USB MIDI instead of DIN MIDI.



@carvingcode you’re trying to send MIDI between two USB hosts. as discussed further up the thread, there’s no standard way to do this without a bridging device.

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Right. I’ve looked at those boxes. Probably the only way to go at the moment. Will consider what I’m currently doing vs adding yet another utility box. Thanks.



actually now that i think about it, there’s probably a way to do this over a network connection instead of USB. (using something like aseqnet on norns side.) but it would take some interested norns contributor to work on this.

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I have a retrokits rk-005. Haven’t figured out how to connect it to norns yet. So far not working with Norns. Has anyone had any success with the 005?



Not sure if this has been covered already (apologies if so)… but would Norns be a good place to learn programming fundamentals? I learnt the basics (C./C++) a long time ago, but would like to improve my programming chops (which have now dwindled to pretty much non existent).

If I were to put the time in to learn how to program scripts for Norns, is it an open enough development environment to be a transferable skill (not esoteric to Norns)?

Having a (beautifully designed) device per-configured to develop musical applications is becoming more and more appealing (+ the existing scripts and norns studies could also really help a newbie like myself).

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Approaching: norns

It is sort of norns-centric, but the programming concepts are all the same, so if you just need something that will get you programming (which is the best way to gain and maintain your skills) then yes. Lua is a friendly language which is super readable, really easy to grasp as a beginner, and on top of that the documentation for all monome stuff is way better than what you’ll get for most (any) other programming platforms.



Lua is a great language to learn. You will get a lot of practice with loops and variables. Writing grid scripts has also helped me think about multi-dimensional arrays. To me Lua feels like a good way to get moving again if you haven’t been writing code.



The key here is that you will be programming something practical and of interest to you. That will help and motivate your learning.

Plus, you’ll have many examples to draw from. That also will help your learning.



Thanks for your thoughts most appreciated!

This all sounds really promising.

I think I’m going to take the Norns plunge and see where it takes me.



And… ordered!

Thanks again for the encouragement.



Really? What is the problem? It is supposed to work as a normal midi interface with Norns.



FYI @OldBuildingAndLoan

So this page says the rk-005 acts as either Host or Class-compliant device.

You would need the rk-005 to be in “device/client” mode as it will not work in Host mode. I guess you can do this in the browser-based settings thing, but I can’t quite figure that out from the manual.

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@carvingcode Antonio and I have been using a simple host-host dongle for a while with the Organelle , works a treat :slight_smile:



@carvingcode I use also to connect Norns to Ansible module. I needed because both Norns and Ansible are midi hosts. It does the same as what an iconnectmidi 2+ box does, but without midi DIN sockets, so it’s very compact.



Apologies if this is covered elsewhere: any details on the power consumption of Arc and Grid? Very excited about using them together with Norns, but worried that using both at once would drain the Norns battery very quickly.

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Approaching: norns

power consumption is based on how many LEDs are being lit and the CPU-intensity of the processing.

in short, yes, the battery will drain fast if you’re drawing a lot of power. if you need longer detached battery i’d suggest just adding a usb powerbank… they can have huge capacity.