Norns: help



Anyone got any suggestions for a Norns with no wifi? I cannot create a hotspot, nor see any available networks. I’ve slept it, restarted, run down the batteries, and tried another generic Wifi dongle with no love. Also cannot seem to get the uart connection working on my linux (manjaro) machine…

All suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


When you create hotspot on Norns, does it say anything on Norns as created? If it says created, what do you see when you search for WiFi on your computer? Did you try the dongle on all the different USB ports?


Absolutely nothing happens when I try to create a hotspot. Off stays off, status at the top stays blank, and there are not Norns networks in my area.


Do you see any lights blinking on the dongle? You might want to contact monome directly… Sorry.


yeah, that’s where i ran into the issue - it doesn’t recognize it at all in the midi menu. i can try another midi controller later, but it’s way bigger and i only really have those two.


On my dongle there are no lights (if you’re talking to me @carvingcode?) but I have verified that the dongle is all good on my laptop. Searches for and connects to networks without issue.

Is there a way to do a clean reinstall of all the Norns software?


Is the he Akai USB powered or require a separate power supply?


usb only. if there was an option for outside power i’d use it


@Eastwood which update version are you on? also yes, not all wifi dongles have LEDs. we might need to check if your disk got filled up with logfiles and that’s preventing proper functionality.

@reallyok does the midi controller work fine on a computer/etc? have you tried plugging into a different norns USB port? try a different USB cable?


I just took my norns out for a first time in a few weeks and I’m having the same issue as @Eastwood status: at the top is blank and NETWORK > reads NONE I’ve tried different USB ports with no luck. When I plug it a USB flashdrive it reads it fine.

UPDATE: I see now that norns is saying the disk is full. I’m not sure how that would be because I have very few recordings loaded on it.


tehn alluded to a ‘log file’ filling up the drive issue two posts above. I’m am not sure the cause or solution, just mentioning. May want to directly contact monome until a full report is given.


we’re figuring out the logfile situation now, will be in the update.

in the meantime, clear your logfiles by logging in via serial (ie, usb cable between norns power and laptop) see and search “other access”


sudo rm -rf /var/log/syslog
sudo rm -rf /var/log/kern.log


@tehn worked like a charm. Thank you to all who helped!

edit: (fixed other issue srry)


i really think it’s likely that the midi problem is with my keyboard. it’s quite old and beaten up. i tried different ports but not a different cable - could be that. the grid works fine so i’m really not too concerned.


can anyone speak to norns viability as a sampler? i’m encouraged by its bigger disk size (relative to aleph) but have noticed that live sampling seems to be the vibe.

i’m guessing a usb stick is the best way to move samples onto norns? is it?


the pending update has sampling at it’s core, so yes.

file transfer is best via wifi


Hi all.

I’ve found the Norns and, well, I’m intrigued. A sound computer I can dev on, sounds fun. Before I take the plunge I’m hoping it’s cool to ask these questions.

Can I use it as an effects computer? Take input, mangle it, output to my OP-1.

Can I program the screen? For example if I wanted to program sample chopping etc and give visual feedback.

Is the machine designed for simply playing audio or can it handle logic, could we build a sequencer in it?

I’m in the middle of nowhere for a couple of weeks with only a poor connection so doing research is painful.

Cheers all.


You may want to start by glancing over the Norns Studies. This will give a nice overview of what Norns is about/capable of. In short…



Yes, there are already many sequencers of different styles living in Norns.

Hope this helps!


Amazing. Thank you. Will buy.

Wonder what the import tax will cost!


About GBP130 (based on a quick estimate from