Norns - IConnectivity Mio2 questions prior to purchase

Hi, I’m trying to get midi from Norns to my laptop for onward transmission to Kyma, other hardware and software (occasionally). I understand that I have two options. 1) use two usb midi devices back to back and 2) use a IConnectivity Mio2 which offers two USB ports than can connect to two hosts. If I go with a Mio2 can you also access the din midi ports of the Mio2 via Norns at the same time? I’m a bit confused how Mio2 will ‘appear’ in Norns as the menu system in Norns let’s you connect up to four midi devices only it seems (so how would multiple ports on one port appear).

Lastly I guess the other way is to modify all scripts I run to send Osc instead of midi but this strikes me as a little more complicated?


I have a midi2+ that I use to connect Norns with another host which I think functions very similarly to the mio2. On Norns, in the midi devices I see 4 different midi devices labeled “iconnectmidi2+ 1” through “iconnectmidi2+ 4”. By default each of these options connects Norns to only one port. “iconnectmidi2+ 1” routes between Norns and din pair 1, “iconnectmidi2+ 2” routes between norns and din pair 2, “iconnectmidi2+ 3” routes between Norns and the other usb host, and “iconnectmidi2+ 4” is unused.

The thing to realize though is that this 1 to 1 routing is just how the port routing is set up by default - they are however completely configurable. So if you use the iconnectivity software you can make a configuration where “iconnectmidi2+ 1” sends and receives midi from norns, din1, din2, and the other host.

Thanks @MaxMyriad. I wasn’t thinking things through and was mistakenly assuming that the four ports available to Norns were hardwired to the four USB ports. What you’ve said makes much more sense.