norns: ideas

i was just reminded that this voice allocation lib already exists, baked-in.

(if anybody feels excited about this one and wants to help put together a neat lil demo script, that would be raaaaad + will help close the gap on reference completion)


Ah that’s even better. It’s awesome to know what the thing I want is called too.

I’ll take a look at it this weekend and put together a demo.

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Music from celestial harmonies – very Pythagorean :slight_smile: Looking super.

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Im looking at the voice allocation lib that @21echoes and @dan_derks pointed me to. It seems fairly close to what I’m looking for but I need to extend its functionality a bit if I want to use it as I originally intended. So I would like to check back in to make sure this kind of thing would even belong in voice allocation tool before I go that route.

Im wanting to allow things like aftertouch and mod wheel/cc param routing.

Would it be better for me to make a library that uses the voice allocation lib to decide how to route those commands or should I try to modify the voice allocation lib to optionally handle message routing to existing voices?

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does a 10 band eq script exist? i keep thinking about buying one of the boss eq pedals to have a little more control of my synth sound shaping but it would be nice to have it in norns. maybe with each band represented on the grid so you can adjust then on 10 columns? even just scrolling trough bands with k3 and adjusting each with k2 would be cool


It would be really nice to integrate into Norns itself a way to run a user-defined script prior to any other code; for example, to integrate n16o, passthrough, and other “background” scripts into the core Norns experience for people who want them. I really want to use Norns as the center of my workflow, but having to edit every single script I download is a bit of a pain.

Passthrough itself is a good candidate for corization - it could exist in the SYSTEM=>DEVICES=>MIDI menu, for example - but n16o is not, and I think this would be an acceptable general solution to this class of problem.


I feel that elements of Passthrough could be good candidates, although I wonder if the scale quantization is too opinionated to be part of the midi menu itself. But yea, would love to see it in the core Norns experience!

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I’ve been in a months-long lull w/r/t making music but yesterday I thought up a norns app to generate workout jams that match up to my intervals (indoor rower). my goal is to equip 5% of Planet Fitnesses nationwide with a norns shield by 2023.



Script idea: a sound morphing script, in the style of the Krotos Audio Reformer Pro. You can import two sounds, the script analyses the audio properties and allows for morphing between then (with potentially additional effects?)

UI norns parameter redesign idea to merge the Parameters → Edit and Parameters → Map so that one clicks through from the edit menu to mapping, rather than backtracking from edit to map.

Status quo flow to map a parameter to MIDI cc:

  1. K1. Open menu
  2. E1. Select parameters page
  3. E2. Select Edit
  4. K3. Enter Edit
  5. E2. Select parameter
  6. (Perhaps K3. to open a submenu and jump to 5.)
  7. E3. Wiggle parameter value
  8. K2. backtrack to Parameter page
  9. E2. Select Map
  10. K3. Enter parameter list
  11. E2. Select parameter after making an informed guess
  12. K3. Enter mapping page
  13. K3. Start learning
  14. Wiggle MIDI controller
  15. K1. Exit menu

Suggested flow

  1. K1. Open menu
  2. E2. Select parameter
  3. (Perhaps K3. to open a submenu and jump to 2.)
  4. E3. Wiggle parameter value
  5. K3. Enter (moved) mapping page
  6. K3. Start learning
  7. Wiggle MIDI controller
  8. K1. Exit menu

:+1:/:-1:? Ideas?

Status quo menu structure
 `-parameter 1
 `-parameter 2
 `-parameter 1
  `-mapping 1
 `-parameter 2
  `-mapping 2
Suggested menu structure
`-parameter 1
 `-mapping 1
`-parameter 2
 `-mapping 2
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agreed that mechanics can be cleaner/more robust, but just want to confirm that you can currently hold k1 and press k3 on any parameter to quick-switch between edit/map modes on a selected param — should cut out that middle section of backtracking to the previous menu layer and making guesses about osc names.

lmk if this gets you closer to gold and i’ll highlight it in the docs!


TIL!!! :spiral_notepad: Amazing, this power-user feature totally achieves exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for teaching.

This feature does not directly go to the learning page of the selected parameter, but instead jumps between the two parallel lists. This is arguably (i haven’t tested empirically) a less jarring experience. Nice.

Ok itsy bitsy neurons, it’s time to reprogram :brain::keyboard:


this is such a great tip, had no idea. optimal meta shortcut


Checking in on this (actually I did a search and found only my own post…). @dan_derks opened a fr on GitHub to which @tehn responded that it should be discussed for “SYSTEM DEVICES 3.0”. I’m wondering if this came up and I missed it?
OG request - multi midi clock out ports or midi out ports so Norns can control multiple usb midi devices

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3.0 hasn’t happened, but this actually came up today in a different conversation – I’ve bumped the feature request, maybe could slip in with the coming massive clock overhaul :slight_smile: (like, for real, artem has been on fire, the new clock is so so good)

real quick tho, have you tried the multi-destination clock functionality in cheat codes under params > transport settings > send MIDI clock? does that feel aligned with what you’re requesting?

(edit) i also captured the general gist here: midi clock out matrix · GitHub


No I missed that completely. Sounds like it will be the thing I’m looking for . Thanks Dan!

Hi came up with an idea for a grid sequencer that does something like this:

  • load samples from a folder
  • randomly create a sequence out of chunks of these samples
  • change the pitch of samples to tune them to each other

And that’s it :slight_smile: Then just check what happens if you randomize it.

I guess the best would be to randomly place chunks on a grid with the ability to set the swing level.

And maybe the length of all chunks.

We have 8 rows x 16 steps on the grid so maybe after tuning all samples in 1 row to each other, one could tune another row of 16 steps as a whole to match the pitches of all 8 rows :monkey_face:

It could produce some chaotic results but I kind of like that idea


Script idea: Parametric equation based sequencer

Something like this: Dimensions: MIDI sequencer based on curvy parametric equations -

So cool!


Has anyone tried to port ansible’s cycles to norns / crow ? I’m assuming this is possible, though suppose friction would have to be achieved via an input as there are no buttons on crow.


just watched knobs video on the wmd metron (well, i’ve watched it quite a few times over the past few months bc i love the music) and was thinking how nice a norns port would be. 128 grid would be perfect in this case as well. here’s the vid if there’s any interest: