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@Syntheist, the library I created is here: GitHub - jaseknighter/double_pendulum

The double pendulum code in the library is pretty much a straight translation from javascript to lua from the code I found here:

Just watching the pendulums swing and do their chaotic thing is really, really mesmerizing.



So I’ve been away from my teletype for a couple of days but I have my Norns and USB keyboard with me.
As I’m still learning TT and I thought it would be awesome to have a TT emulator in Norns!
How cool would it be to able to work on TT scenes anywhere, save them to a USB and import them into your TT when you are back in front of your system.

Having Crow hooked up would let you spit some CV out too if you don’t have a TT.
I really think this would be awesome for Just type too. Which could also control JF via crow for people without a TT.
For people that don’t have JF or crow having an internal synth connected to the Just type ops would be awesome.
I could see softcut working for W/delay and W/tape ops.
Maybe timber connected to EX ops?

Would this be something people would be into? I wish I had the skills to code it. Anyone up for the challenge???

I think it would be a brilliant addition for Norns as a standalone app or education addition to TT.

TT studies on Norns! Cool :sunglasses:

Edit: Didn’t see @wolfgangschaltung post earlier. I’d be down with his suggestion or my simpler version. Hopefully this gets some traction. It would be a dream :sparkles:

blah blah sampling tool

super basic idea, maybe something i could execute on but hoping i’m just ignorant of someone else already having solved this (i’ll search around again right now).

a ton of cool scripts require pre-recorded samples rather than being able to record inputs live. has anyone created a simple tool to facilitate the process of recording (and trimming/naming?) samples directly into and onto norns storage for immediate use elsewhere? in my ideal world i wouldn’t have to break out the laptop for this task.

edit: found sam! it rocks. next desire would be some simple form of start/stop/length quantization via crow/midi/int clock/etc…

edit edit: added quantization and easier automatic naming! GitHub - benzweig/sam at add-naming
GitHub - benzweig/sam at quantize

up next is start/stop based on internal/external triggers and interactive quantizing (turning an encoder which snaps to set divisions). if this gets complicated enough i’ll likely just fork entirely or look at learning how to write a sampler from the ground up :dizzy:


TT on Norns would be great :100:


Apologies if this has been covered before.
Norns App sorting like on the page
The search column on the web page with the icons and folder headers would be great. A little easier to Rember what everything does.

Edit: Found this has been mentioned in another thread. Leaving this here as it would be great.

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I don’t have a 16n fader bank, but if I did, and I might, I would try to rebuild the configuration currently a website into a norns script.


if you were to, the Sysex Spec and the description of how “EEPROM” memory is laid out would be of help.


If i did, I would make it so that all values are plus 8.

PS gosh I appreciate the mnemonics for hex values! I’ve never seen anything like it, super innovative!!


As someone with no musical training I’d love to have a Norns script that can help with chord progressions.

My go-to instrument for this task is the NDLR and it works well but it’s not very “playable”. I think Norns + Grid running an isomorphic keyboard would be a very performative chord engine (how’s that for a name?).

I also have a Novation Launchpad Pro that has a pretty good chords tool, however on Norns one could even implement a chord progression tool just like CHRDS.

This might be a good opportunity for me to learn scripting, but 2 kids + 1 business = time is very scarce.

Thanks for listening and love to the community.


I was searching this forum for this exact same reason!
I know other members were working on a chord sequencer, I wonder how hard it would be to add some sort of helper for progressions.

If it helps, I use an IOS app called Suggester. It spits out midi and has a very comprehensive chord library.

how difficult would it be to figure out what type of algorithms go into creating the strymon deco tone and does the norns/fates have high enough quality dsp to emulate that sort of sound

I’m not familiar with the pedal - but to start to answer the question for yourself maybe look through the DSP functions (Ugens) available in supercollider to see if some of the functionality you’re looking for is available

emulating something exactly is probably a dead end in most contexts but you might be able to make something you’re happy with regardless !

also: this came up in a discussion here before, might be a useful read for designing tape effects


thanks, ill take a look

Thanks for the idea, I already own it. I try to stay away from ipads and iphone when making music, too distracting.

I would love a way to idiot-proof the pset screen… Some kind of (optional?) “are you sure” when serving over one or deleting, I’ve several times lost good ones due to a slip of the encoder, having ‘save’ selected instead of load ;__;


Would love a flexible looper based on the Echoplex EDP with tight clock integration and easy midi mapping for external footswitches. There‘s an open source program called SooperLooper which could serve as the code basis for the Norns version (the Loopler in Beebo is also a fork of SooperLooper).


Threw this idea out last year and got some direction on existing patches to check out. I have tried to get my head around the coding side of Norns but have had little or no success yet. Wondering if anyone else might be up to the challenge? Even a scaled down version would be amazing. At it’s basic core it’s:

Ramp wave in to S&H, clocked by a separate LFO. S&H quantized output in to a Shift Register feeding 3 or more monophonic sine wave oscillators.

Tweaking the Ramp into the S&H and the Clock results in lovely cascading melodies that can evolve and eventually loop based on the relationship between the two LFO.



I don’t have the time (or the brainpower) to develop my meager coding skills at the moment, and so I always feel a bit bashful stepping into this thread.

I have always hoped that someone would create a tintinnabuli keyboard or sequencer or something along those lines for Norns. Ideally, it would use a Norns synth (Molly? Passersby? Icarus?) and/or output midi.

Some info here

And how perfectly would this translate to the grid?


Yes please! Love Pärt’s music and this concept behind it