norns: ideas

I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but there is also Benjolis a rungler inspired script in the same territory as the blippoo box/ciat lonbarde

Are there any Norns apps that play with midi effects, ala the blokas midihub/squarp pyramid?


Ah, yes, you’re totally right. Meant to mention that when I said blippoo.

norns script idea:

a script that checks out the community.json file and lists the available scripts on screen. using encoders/keys to select a script runs the appropriate ;install command.


Is this not what Folio does? Or is it different somehow? folio - #4 by Doberman


oh! that is awesome, thanks for reminding me about folio! :cowboy_hat_face:


Dnd is getting me into these sort of noisy zones with extreme settings + everything mapped to midi controls


Good thinking. Been meaning to, but have yet to, mess around with dnd. Thanks for reminding me.


not sure how feasible this is because i’ve never touched lua/the norns codebase at all, but wondering if there’s some way to implement some global setting to change grid lighting in a way conducive for non-varibright grids (a la the way CC2 does it)

maybe i’m being selfish because i only have a grayscale grid, lol - but i imagine there must be some way (or some code pattern to follow per script) to make it so ‘fully lit’ LEDs are solid, any ‘off’ LEDs aren’t, and any value between is flashing? or some variation thereof…?

it’s probably a simple, yet tedious, task to edit scripts for mono-bright compatability. you just need to look through the grid redraw function and make brightness values below a threshold 0 and above that full on (15 for vari-bright, i guess 1 for mono?). the real chore will be remembering grid layouts without having dim lights to guide you :smiley:

this library has a mode where you can set one brightness threshold to round up or down. it might help in some cases (not exactly what you’re looking for)

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llllllllines forum software for norns.

Norns mod – or maybe stock norns feature – for parameter discovery over OSC. It sends contents of params:list() to configured OSC address and port on script startup. Additionally it listens to OSC messages to a certain path with two arguments, an IP address and port, and responds with contents params:list(). In a more advanced setup even with min and max values.

i was just doing some fun livecoding in on-device Python by controlling norns script params over OSC, eg. benjolis /param/setFreq2. While the K1+K3 UI trick is super (whose idea‽ :medal_sports:), a parameter discovery over OSC could be fun for a scenario like this.

Teletype on norns. It’s possible and there’s a precedent for successfully running Teletype on the computer in the VCV Rack monome modules by @Dewb. The I/O could map e.g. so:

Teletype in natura Teletype on norns
TR in 1-8 MIDI notes in C4-F4
CV in MIDI CC in 1
TR out 1-4 MIDI notes out C4-F4
CV out 1-4 MIDI CC out 1-4
param K1
keyboard keyboard
screen screen

Plus crow and OSC and maybe even i2c.


It’s definitely possible; most of the desktop Teletype translation layer isn’t VCV Rack specific and I have been thinking about other environments that it could be leveraged in.

But I think @sixolet’s PHONOTYPE is a much more interesting mapping of Teletype ideas onto the capabilities of the norns system.


I might make this if nobody else wants to or if it doesn’t exist but I want to build a little beat-synced looper for sketching acoustic song ideas.

It’d work kinda like this: you set a BPM and a loop length and it runs a click track while you record a loop of that length and then it starts looping that. You can do this on multiple tracks which are layered together, and each track can switch between a few different loops.
If this exists I’d love to know what it is!

kinda similar to Samsara: a minimalist looper with the following exceptions:

  • no click track (yet! i definitely planned to eventually add one) EDIT: it’s got one now
  • only one track, and you set the loop vs new material mix %

I believe Reels is also similar, but as far as I know it doesn’t support bpm syncing (yet! i doubt it’d be hard to add)

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samsara with a click track would probably be very close to what I’d like!

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having the system > devices > MIDI (and grid, etc.) menu show which devices are actually connected without having to individually click in to each slot would be nice! some sort of asterisk like the script favorites system, perhaps?


Is there anyway to get internet world radio through Norns and use that audio to
save to tape or use the live radio as an add-on to any script that takes a sampling input.
Just to be used as another sound source.


Yes! wow, an interface to would be amazing, haha! :wink: Edit: Ah, there’s a Radio Garden thread!

M3U playlist is here. Is Norns able to stream from M3U, how would one even start?


An idea: a chord recorder for grid. For storing midi chords under 128 buttons :frog:

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norns is linux :smiley:

@mlogger, i just installed mpv and am listening to radio aporee on norns (via ssh)! the sound doesn’t play into the scripts/TAPE, but it’s something/a start.