norns: ideas

You need to install mpv player onto Norns.

I used this link for reference

open the terminal window :
ssh we@norns.local
Pw : sleep
sudo apt install mpv

start OTIS on Norns

In the terminal window now type :


Do you need to type this in windows each time or the first is enough ?

I don’t know if it’s easier to use that than use my op1 as an input (with radio) into my norns

Each time, because this was a first test to see if it was possible for radio to work. From the info above this can be done in Lua and added to any script - it’s just that nobody has done that yet.

@mlogger @Ben_F I’m trying it. Right now it blocks all other activity on Norns when I call it from a script. New to lua and the way it works (and multithreading), but if I get it to work I will share!

There needs to be a way to start it in the background, and quit MPV when it’s finished. Will keep you updated.

Edit: running
io.popen([[mpv --no-video --jack-port="crone:input_(1|2)"]]) does not stall further Norns operation. Will try to roll this into a mod…


i found that when running it from a script or the maiden repl it was necessary to add the --no-terminal option and to detatch the process from the terminal by throwing a & at the end. so:

mpv --no-video --no-terminal --jack-port="crone:input_(1|2)" &

to stop the process from a script or maiden repl i’ve been using killall -15 mpv. not sure if that’s the way, but it works :smiley:


Allright @mlogger @Ben_F

After MPV has been installed once, like mentioned in @mloggers post, you can install this mod:

Read more about what to do with MODS here.

It has to be activated, you have to restart Norns once and will then show up under SYSTEM > MODS > TENDING-THE-WAVES. With E3 you can turn the 0 to 1, and it will start playing radio! When turned back to 0, it will kill the MPV process.

This was my first (very very small) real Norns coding attempt and man, this is amazing! :slight_smile:

I will be expanding on this with other radio stations and/or proper GUI, sometime.

EDIT: for those in the future, I’ve also turned this into RECEIVER- a mod that receives Norns broadcasts that are being broadcast or archived through @infinitedigits broadcast mod.


i like that you specify radio aporee in the mod menu! i can picture that menu having a list of stations to tune into to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

edit: @maaark i found a little bug in the mod menu ui. turning encoder 2 left can scroll beyond zero into negative numbers. you might want to use util.clamp() to keep things in range.


Haha thanks @Justmat! This was very quickly whipped up, first time dealing with menus and all, will be studying how to properly do this over christmas I think :slight_smile: Will fix this small bug for now.

Edit: fixed the selection bug- it also doesn’t go zero, one, zero, one anymore :slight_smile: Also moved to encoder 3 for more consistency with rest of norns.


Just throwing it out there that youtube-dl can stream from Youtube, vimeo, etc. into mpv using a normal shell pipe. I don’t remember the exact incantation off-hand, though, you need to tell mpv to read from stdin somehow.


I think about a mod of the norns online from @infinitedigits

Something amazing could be that when your norns is on, it streams your music online on a specific cloud/server, on a specific IP adress or something

And you could “listen” the norns all over the world that are connected on this “norns united in the cloud radio”

So, you could record and remix in real time something that is streamed from an other user at the opposite side of the world, just because your two norns are both powered on at the same time.


I believe this is very close to what is trying to achieve

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sounds a bit like pirate radio too

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I tried youtube-dl on norns was it yesterday, and it gives a HTTP 410 Gone from YouTube and suggest installing a newest version. I didn’t investigate, but the version I got on norns is from 2017, and might require compilation (or upgrading norns wow idea badness=10 don’t do it). I tried just some normal YouTube URLs, rather than digging deeper into some URL resolver player thing in the web UI or something.

@Justmat yeap also to give credit and point people to the source (of goodness) that they are listening to. Aporee is quite a precious thing.

it’s truly one of the coolest places on the web (imo)


Oh yeah, youtube-dl needs to be updated every two weeks or so. But I think you can get it to just overwrite itself from the Github releases. I don’t know if the Debian package does this, though.

I can’t spot if this has been suggested before (or if it is even feasible) but a mod for channeling midi to one of the installed synths would be amazing. This would be used with libraries that send midi (e.g. awake, colorwheel, orca, etc.) but which only supports one or zero synth engines.

The issue is that different engines have different interfaces (i mean the invisible code interface aka API, not the UI) :thinking: the mod would need a mapping from midi commands to each different possible engine’s API. that may be possible tho! but you’d have to maintain that mapping / update it as new synths are made

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Hmm alright. That doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle. I thought most had the same interface but I’m not deep enough in the eco system to remember.

It would be nice if the norns script browser could show the informational tags (single character and maybe just a subset of tags) on the far right side of the script name. Such as “x CHEAT-CODES ga|sl” (Grid, Arc, Sampler, Looper). Probably not that useful for daily usage but nice for discovery and identifying yet unused but installed scripts.


I would love to see some kind of global system wide set of lfos, that can be assigned to scripts the same way midi is assigned to script parameters, and the rate, amplitude and wave shape etc can be edited in the global settings menu too.
I know some scripts like Mx synths and Otis ready have lfos, but bit would be so cool to be able to have a system that doesn’t need to be built into scrips and can just be assigned to any parameter just like midi can. I’ve thought about using midi lfos for this but then it occured to me, that by not just do it inside norns?