Norns: ideas

I am wondering if there is a way or plans in the works to be able to send audio back and forth over the USB. That way I could use norns as an audio interface/ sound processor and instrument with ableton or other DAW

Good point. USB audio+midi would solve my issues as well. I wouldn’t need Ableton Link implementation if that were the case.

ableton link will be supported eventually. there is some proof of concept stuff running, it’s not hard.

using norns as an audio interface is not possible.

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Do you know why? Is it a software or hardware limitation?



wonder if there’s ever been thoughts of a deep sci-fi future where scripts can switch out parts of crone with alternate versions in a similar sense to engines :thinking:

@steve_atx wonder if this someday might solve the need you have

essentially, norns scripts being ported into max for live devices, which can more readily interface with ableton stuff

For some more detail here you could do some searching on trying to use Raspberry Pi in this fashion. I think one major issue is that norns or the Pi are USB hosts and would not be recognizable as a USB device. Also then there’d need to be a bunch of linux-y magic things to make a device show up to another computer as a USB sound-card.

i think it just can’t work. even if you could swap the mode of host ports with OTG, they are behind a hub which cannot be thus swapped. the norns device port is connected to a subprocessor / UART and is a tty device full stop.

plus, yes, the nightmare of convincing a linux computer that it is a USB device (somehow) and forwarding the I/O from the real audio device (somehow)


Unsure if this is possible but, for engines such as Ack that feature the same parameters for multiple voices, i would like in the param menu to press key 2 and jump to that parameter in the next voice. I don’t know how much ‘extra’ can be scripted for the params menu, but it would be a great ‘nice to have’.
I can imagine it would speed up the flow quite significantly, say if you’ve added in a sample at slot 0 and then are able to jump directly to the same parameter on the next.

on the future list for the param menu is sub-grouping. it should allow some UI for what you’re describing.


This might be a bit of a simple request in light of what norns is capable of. But I’d love a script that allows quick access to a filter, as well as midi control over the reverb and compressor that are available in system>audio. I know that their used to be a script called Bob that was simply a filter. Anyone feel like doing this (I would consider paying within reason) or pointing me to how I’d go about it? I’ve tried editing other scripts in the past to fulfill a need (without success), and my ineptitude there makes this seem daunting.

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Does anybody have any ideas on how to connect Norns via WIFI to an iphone? Im looking for a super small setup for my long train ride.

Related to this, I’m highly interested in using ChucK on norns. I’m enjoying SuperCollider, but having ChucK as an option would allow me to pull in a ton of old sound ideas I have lying around.

I realize ChucK is, uh, fairly irresponsible about CPU and RAM usage, so I don’t actually know how well this would work out.

prior to 3.0, if you’re linux savvy you can go ahead an install chuck on norns. it’ll just require setting up the jack ports correctly, then sending OSC between your script and chuck.


What do you have in mind here?

If you wanted to use the iphone to load maiden and edit scripts, etc., then you just need to put norns in hotspot mode and join that network from your iphone. Then you could also use an FTP or terminal app to access norns if needed.

Audio from norns to iphone? no idea.

Quite simple, Midi controller - something to emulate Grids.

TouchOSC would be simple and easy to use wirelessly, but you’d have to add OSC to whatever script you’re using.

Wired midi you’d need some kind of adapter, but not sure if the iPhone is always a host or not.

I have dreams of Bluetooth midi but that’s not in the norns code yet.

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Ahh thanks so much and YES!!! BLUTOOTH MIDI!!! MY GOSH!!!

It would also require a Bluetooth dongle (although that’s the easy part)

I’ve done some preliminary hacking on Bluetooth support, but need to revisit that and probably get some more help from the main devs.

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i haven’t personally used them, but there are apps purporting to implement a (wired) USB midi controller device on iOS, which i’d think would just work on norns.

likewise haven’t much personal experience with networked midi, but there appear to be several standards for it and i’m not sure of the general state of things for iOS <-> linux. in any case if a good liniux library is identified (e.g. aseqnet?), it could be worked into norns stack as part of the (needed, eventual) MIDI overhaul.

there is also OSC, which works fine. but as mentioned isn’t generally integrated by default into scripts - it would require a bit of work in lua to set it up the way you want.