norns: ideas

Are people finding generative sketches for Norns fun? (I’m thinking about libraries like Rebound and Circles)

I’ve got a collection of generative music studies on GitHub based on algorithms and simulations that I made in my final semester of grad school. I’m calling them “worldlets” — micro-simulations using say, physics or particle systems. Some are purely generative, and others are playable (steerable?) with an Arc or midi controller.

Putting them in the library would feel more like releasing an “EP that only plays on a Norns” than a “musical instrument.” But if there’s interest I’ll clean them up and release them in the library.


That would be great. The more, the merrier. They may also lead to new ideas for other scripts.


Cool! That gets me thinking… maybe we should do a compilation of generative music for Norns. Like each “track” is a lua file.


(Or with this new exploration into engine switching at runtime that @neauoire has been doing, we could do it all in one file with a slick interface!)


I was just making @tehn’s SpaceTime generative patch into a 2D sequencing language.


I spend an unreasonable amount of time making silly scripts that have nothing to do with music. How about we make a thread for these small experiments?

Etch N’ Sketch


I have an actual idea for the Maiden tool. I would love it if cmd . would stop the currently running script. I have no idea how to implement this, but it would be really nice to have.


This has been suggested before but if Norns can work with CV signals, or even just output audio that would work as a CV signal, the potential patch ideas are endless…

That’s what the upcoming Crow module will be for.

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never mind. found it. thx

Anybody tried this yet? I know there are some tricks (like using convolution only for early reflections)… also considering “convolution synthesis” where you load in your own samples and pink noise runs through them; one of my favorite techniques but it’s also super expensive with longer files.



So I was thinking of how to make a sort of groovebox-like thing on the norns.
Ended up with this idea/layout; steps on the left, parameters on the right.

Parameter value per step is a given of course, but also thinking of how you could divide each step into 32nd notes like the one step with four circles pictured. Might be neat, or just really hard to control.

Thinking about the interfacing via knobs, buttons - I’m pretty sure it would work quite fluently actually.

brb, need to learn lua …


I’d be happy to answer your lua question if you have any while implementing this.
It shouldn’t be too hard.

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Take a look at the code for Awake as far as clocks and dividing clocks, that helped me get my head around it in Lua:


Ah, thanks! Looks like a great starting point.

Yeah, the sequencer itself shouldn’t be too hard actually. I’ve made similar stuff before, but my coding chops are really not that great - much more of a designer (well, actually a designer) … Mostly afraid of how to do the GUI, hehe!

Also, in my mind I’m thinking it should run a synth engine so that it’s completely self-contained. 8 parameters are enough to make something interesting if you do some clever macro mapping. Buuuut maybe people would very much enjoy 4 synth, 4 sample channels instead.


Diginorns yes please! Nice to see you here, ess

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Haha yeah, pretty much what I want to do. nornstron?
(Thinking some wavetable with FM (of course) … Mmm!)


I’ve been doing a lot of Norns/Monome related things this month and my partner and I record these little monthly devlogs, and I would like to share with you the “behind the scene” of all these little monome and norns experiments.


great! thanks for sharing :grinning:

Anyone thought of working on a script that is a playable granular synthesizer. Imagine using an arc interface like Mangle to set the parameters and then using either a midi keyboard or grid to play the notes

Started thinking about this when thinking about how fun a gr-1 would be but thought to myself that Norns can in someway fill that void


Sounds pretty doable. It could probably be added to mangl to control the pitch parameter.