norns: ideas

Not sure if this has been brought up or theoretically possible but could norns have added the ability to map 4 chosen params to arc in any given script?

How would this be achieved?

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not entirely your fault for missing it, one of the slight downsides of decentralized info


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The idea of running a sequencing script in parrallel with a sampling one, all the while integrating with crow would be amazing.


I’ve been dreaming about this too! Would be unbelievably awesome

Re-reading this thread on decaying/disintegrating loop techniques — and was struck by @trickyflemming’s post on implementing a decaying looper in norns…

Im curious about an idea that gives recordings made to tape a unique name. I have run into lots of lost ideas with having 35 songs named 0000.wav and so on. building reels and saving them and trying to come back or overwriting the wrong files or not backing up because i thought i grabbed it. Is there any way to give files a unique name that is based off of a date or some other counter that does not get reset every update or moving files off to make space? Also say if you wanted to go back to some reels and you original used file 0000.wav and to keep track you renamed it 0030.wav it gets very confusing and hard to get back.


i’m planning to add a TAPE naming function to an upcoming revision, with an option for generated names from a lookup table.


ctrl+f “frogger” not found

lots of upcoming PTO, excited to start on this fun thing (for norns/grid/crow/jf).

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I am wondering if its possible/ overly difficult to make a standalone multichannel audio recorder/ player on Norns.
Given many cheap Class 2 compliant audio interfaces available (Bela/Ctag fro example) - is this a possibility? I assume the Rpi is up to it - just down to the current software architecture I guess.

this is possible, yes. but the real question is why do this on norns vs. just a raspberry pi? you’ll have to do a lot of jack configuration and setups which aren’t widely applicable to others norns users— lots of linux setup. integrating multi-channel into the crone/norns framework is non-trivial, however.

if you just want to make a simple multichannel rec/play, i might skip the whole norns ecosystem in general… use a pi and sc/pd/whatever you are comfortable with.

makes sense - i see a few people are now running DAWs such as Reaper for example on a rpi 4 streaming multichannel to a usb interface, so see that a generic linux distribution is probably the way to go.

I am developing a multichannel usb mic and was thinking that norns would be a very convenient hardware format to make a nice recording/ media playback project to support this. Keeping these applications/ (music / recording) separate is wise though i can see. Maybe pd on a diy pi shield makes a lot more sense

got a pretty cool karplus-strong sound out of softcut this morning. Controlled pitch by modulating loop_end (or rate). managed to get rate up to ~80 on a voice before something crashes and all sound cuts out :metal:

Add some lua envelopes and we could make a completely unnecessary softcut based synth engine :slight_smile:


you should be able to make quite stable oscillators just with loop length, which has no lower bound. rate modulation has a hard upper bound. (== available history in interpolation window) which is 64.


I’d like to investigate making a script that auto-syncs a folder between norns and a USB uSD card adapter to share recordings between ER-301 and norns. Seems like the rsync command might be sufficient (run twice: once in both directions). Perhaps the Linux initiated among us could help with my questions:

  • Does norns auto-mount USB drives? If no, can it be made to?
  • Is it safe to remove USB drives without unmounting?
  • Is the mounting of a specifically-named drive a good trigger for a bash script?
  • Would this all be much easier if I just saved a command on my phone and used SSH when I want to sync?

EDIT: Just saw @Oxbown’s nifty file manager. Perhaps I can use that in the meantime.

this and Grids to “Any Given” is something, in my opinion that would make the monome ecosystem for me perfect in a way. i could stay inside that [Norns, ARC,Grids] but now with crow expand to include X
it’s deliciously nerdy. i hope it’s not impossible!

Was planning on prototyping this soon but if someone wants to have a go before I get a chance, I think the grid could be used to make a reasonable orthographic keyboard. It would be handy for naming presets, samples etc without having to use an onscreen keyboard or plug in a usb keyboard. Of course there are no keycaps but that can be grown accustomed to.


Was asking @dan_derks some questions about his great scripts and he reminded me of a classic grid app that would be very much at home on a norns and with a crow; parc!

This multivoiced, asynchronous mashup of sequencing and arpeggiating was amazingly valuable back in the early 2010’s and would be really cool being able to mix crow and norns together in this.

Maybe having the option of the 4 voices going to JF, or assigning each channel to different crow/norns options, such as one voice being JF, one being w/ or the ER301 and two voices being the CV outs of the crow. Any combination of those would allow for great texture.

One thing I really enjoyed about parc was that it allowed for the combination of sequencing AND arpeggios in a cool stacking mixture.

Anyway, just thought the script would be awesome with crow. Thanks!


Was reading over the intellijel rainmaker manual, to steal ideas, I came across this:

Which made me think about the possibility of … softglut


Does anyone know if Norns would have any trouble running a sort of spectral processor, similar to the 4ms SMR?

I like the idea of building a 6 band resonator with tuneable scales, with triggerable envelopes on each band, and externally sequenceable.