Norns: ideas

There’s a shell (command line prompt) example in my HID demo scripts. Or are you meaning something different?

very nice !!!

yea that’s what I mean - a text editor UI and the script can provide some tiny-named functions to run

ah yesss that thread has the concepts I’m looking for

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Can you think of an idea for how to turn this interface into an audio tool in the Norns style?

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I didn’t really get that far with the idea to be honest :slight_smile:

a straight up emulation of xenomorphs being slaughtered in a tunnel (maybe with the option to change the gunshot sounds etc to some other sample) would be musically useful enough for my purposes :smiley:


Have you played with cheat codes? IIRC it can do something like this (and much more). It’s both very well fleshed out and exceptionally well documented. If you haven’t tried it, it may scratch this itch for you!


Have you tried Oooooo, it does some wild stereo field stuff to incoming and recorded sound.


Would love to know how people integrate their Norns with other gear. How do you use the ins and outs and work with a mixer, modular and external effects? Also the difference of routing needed for using Norns as FX versus instrument. I am just getting to grips with some of that thinking (in particular mixers having just got a K-Mix) so I am sure it is all obvious to many of you!

I often use Pools on an Aux send for some sweet reverb. Fully wet.

Wrms, Bounds, Glitchlets, B-B-Beat, really any of the loopers or delays are killer. Having the built in reverb for any script is also very useful and easy.

I use that little SSL mixer and run one of the aux sends (stereo) to the inputs on Norns and run the output to another stereo channel. I can quickly send any channel to it and bring the loops in and out as needed.


For me, it is never in any one configuration permanently. So it moves around frequently doing all sorts of different tasks.


So after reading This topic and with the release of TE OB-4, I thought that might be a good idea to have an option to have the tape turned on all the time but saving only on request? I had found myself numerous times when I was jamming and have a good part that I wish to be recorded, but I have not set the tape to record. This can be an optional thing for people who don’t want to use that.

So it can look like this:
-Have an option in settings to have this tape buffer On all the time - let’s say 2-3 hours rolling buffer - or depends on what is possible.
-When you want to save you go to the tape screen and press stop, and then save the file


bumping this to add a +2 because i was just texting with @matthewdavid about how amazing a dj64 inspired norns script would be… is it possible to stream full songs from internal storage?


Something other than just playing song 1 at a time from tape?

Maybe something like how beets lets you jump between samples synced to clock, accept that doesn’t allow you to blend the samples together dj style.

I only used dj64fx, I didn’t have the patience to manage songs/samples for dj64.

Yeah so you could mix between tracks

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i think i might have a shot at a simple dj script just using softcut - might bump up against some limitations there, but it seems like it would be fun with the pitch shifting algorithm (some encoder scratching perhaps ?)

i know next to nothing about DJing despite definite curiosity, so suggestions welcome !


my gut feeling is this should probably be an engine… softcut doesn’t have buffer minutes for two long-ish stereo tracks, as software was designed for a pretty different use case


I have a softcut “scratch” thing in progress (but it’s really geared only at scratching right now)

(the platter shown here is a custom controller thing I made which is acting as a big arc knob)



I have been wanting this for so long! Would love for it to be DJ128, though.

@okyeron that lil diy scratching table is awesome!

I’d love a scratching script that works with arc.

script-side relies on some not-yet-released norns code - and might get some rewriting after dev branch stuff gets merged… So it’s coming eventually, but I can’t say when yet.

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ah, yepp - I misremembered the buffer length as being 10 minutes and not 5, so two stereo tracks at 2.5 ish minutes probably won’t cut it

it’s not really like playing back two stereo tracks and crossfading would be that much of an engine challenge - just felt like it would be fun to reinterpret the idea w/ softcut pitching (which I don’t vanilla supercollider could really handle ? though I haven’t spent much time with PlayBuf yet)

well quick research says at least BufRd is interpolated, which is all the softcut buffer reads do if memory serves correctly, so, , might actually have decent luck getting the same sound in SC for this purpose