Norns: ideas

Small improvement idea here… but it would be nice to have syntax highlighting for Supercollider files in Maiden too.

Even though I primarily develop engines in Supercollider on my MacBook, I eventually need to wrap it in a Crone class on Norns. I find that I end up making a lot of silly syntax errors since I don’t have highlighting in that environment.

I think treatment of just comments, numbers, strings, and basic keywords could go a long way.


i don’t know if it would even be worth implementing this on norns without some kind of touchpad device, but when i think of imaginative fun new sequencers, this korg kaoss physics implementation is pretty much what comes to mind. might be some way to do it with the grid?:

i forget where i read it but one article mentioned that you can kind of flick the pad or something and the velocity will trigger the ball’s motion. here’s a little description from musicradar:

The pad is part of Korg’s new Kaoss Physics feature which models a ball rolling on a surface and/or bouncing off walls. Using the pad you can control the ball, or have it automatically triggered via a Gate + Damper.

The virtual environment allows to either have the walls slow down the movement of the ball, like a cushion or bounce off the walls, accelerating the ball’s movement much like a pinball machine

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i’m sorry, but the music industry is always playing catch-up.

9 years ago, with multi-point gravitation, friction, wall bouncing, blah.

here’s the code: corners/corners.js at master · monome-community/corners · GitHub

the simplicity of the code is amusing: basic mechanics that you’d learn in first year high school physics.

needless to say, easily portable to whatever. would even look much better now with var-bright.


oof, give me that w/ crow cv outputs

i forgot how many of the older max scripts had their business logic in js. soo easy to port to lua - i nornsed one of my older grid libs in a single laundromat visit once


I took a second look at this last weekend and it was looking like more work than I could dedicate at the time. The acme editor which is the basis of the editor in maiden does not have a syntax file for Supercollider. While it is possible to convert language modes from TextMate to acme when I tried that it generated regex code which JavaScript said was invalid and broke the build.

I’m sure it is possible if someone has the cycles.

Regarding the crone integration, it is possible to load the crone classes into the normal desktop Supercollider and work there as opposed to on device.

By the way, is there any way to increase the default font size in Maiden? Ever since the most recent update, the text on the code page has been tiny and almost unreadable. Zooming in on the browser works, but also makes text in the other panels huge in comparison.

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Idea: Pinball machine

(hadn’t seen @encephalitislethargi s post when I posted that :slight_smile: )


I put this guide to getting local engine development working on Mac together that might help in the mean time:

This way I was able to avoid doing any SC coding on device.


Regarding the presets system:
I am the only one who loses presets because I forget to check that im on save and not on load?
I guess it would be a bit cluttery to have an ‘are you sure’ on an overwrite of a slot?


I was looking for an easier way to implement crow functionality for any script that doesn’t have it yet. Rather than learning how to code this functionality myself, I was wondering if there is something like arcify but for crow rather than arc? Or is adding crow input or output trivial enough with most scripts that I should simply learn how to code the crow functionality myself?

I had also considered the possibility of mapping a crow input from within the MIDI mapping menu. I understand that it’s currently a MIDI mapping menu, but could it also be used for this purpose somehow, maybe with a future norns update?

it wouldn’t be too bad to write this ! i’d recommend making the modification to one script, and with those skills you can spin that code into a simple library function that other script authors could include in their script


Has anyone ever thought about trying to clone Laurie Speigel’s Music Mouse on norns?

I know just enough about norns development to be tempted by such a project, and not enough to be scared… :joy:


:slight_smile: Funny, I started hacking on this idea with grid input earlier this week…

Might be fun to collaborate?


I’m not sure this is the right thread for this, but I’ve been wondering about scales vs modes and am curious as to how viable generalizing modes of each scale would be.

For example: I’ve been working a lot with the lydian augmented scale, which is the third mode of melodic minor. Right now, I can get the right pitch collection by selecting e as the root, and melodic minor as the scale, but if the interface of a given app is focused on an eight note octave, then the picture is slightly shifted from where my idea wants to sit.

I guess what I’m asking is, how hard would it be to add a feature where the mode of a selected scale could be used?

So in my case, the I would select root e, the melodic minor scale, and mode 3.

Conceptually it would introduce some redundancy as you would have several ways to then focus on every diatonic mode, for example, but it would also mean that any non-trivial pitch collection could be stated once and generalized for every permutation. I would also open up some new musical angles to work with if the script you’re working with is just one part of a larger harmonic or melodic landscape.

Sometimes you just need that leading tone in the bass, you know?

Barring that, how would I go about just submitting this scale to add to musicutil, if I get the entry to the table ready?


I guess what I’m asking is, how hard would it be to add a feature where the mode of a selected scale could be used?

So in my case, the I would select root e, the melodic minor scale, and mode 3.

In pitfalls, you can define scales using Ls notation, and independently change the mode. I have toyed with the idea of pitfalls becoming more of a utility library. Or somehow extending MusicUtil to support non 12 EDO tuning and scales.

I’ve poked around in your script a good bit! And I agree that your script as a utility library would end up being really useful and fun to explore.

I think I was also trying to come up with the most economical way to cover all of the permutations of the scales already listed, as I could wrap my head around it conceptually. In my head, the end result for the user would be one additional parameter that they never have to touch.

Native level microtonal support would be wild and fun though for sure, I just haven’t wrapped my head around what it would look like interface-wise.

Looking into the possibility or availability of a audio/pitch to midi converter. Or some type of pitch tracking of the audio input to generate note information.
Are there any scripts that have this capability or provide this functionality?

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i’m trying to understand all the scripts that are available on my norns and i just thought: wouldn’t be nice to have the ability of “categorize” the scripts? like adding tags as in maiden, but done on norns by the user.

something like “effects” “sequencers” “synths” “loopers and samplers” etc…

sometimes i just need an effect and i have to scroll back and forth trying to remember which delay i like or similar, and at the end i either spend too much trying all the scripts or just using the 10 i like the most. which is a bummer! norns is a great polimorphic device and i want to explore it more relaxed.

an alternative was using norns with a computer aside with maiden on but… just don’t feel right.
how do you manage to remember what every script does?

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try using the “favorites” feature: use E3 to “star” a script, and when you later come back to SELECT the favorites will be at the top.


thanks for your answer
i do actually use the favorite feature, but now i’ve got like 25 favorites and always trying to remember which script does what.
and i rarely use the non favorites now!
sometimes in the middle of the creating process with other devices, i just want norns to do that particular function and i don’t want to stop and scroll thru a list