Norns: ideas

thanks for your answer
i do actually use the favorite feature, but now i’ve got like 25 favorites and always trying to remember which script does what.
and i rarely use the non favorites now!
sometimes in the middle of the creating process with other devices, i just want norns to do that particular function and i don’t want to stop and scroll thru a list

I am personally not so excited about categorization (because to think all norns should be in category “special unicorn cuties doing their very own thing”), but (more helpfully) i have a piece of paper with that names of a few script I always forget, plus I’ve drawn a sketch of the main UI to help myself remember which one is which. Solves it for me and involves no menu diving :slight_smile:


I’m not either, but i feel that could be amazing if i had the possibility to add meta information to the scripts, or to put them in folders.

Obviously nobody have to use it if they don’t want to, neither the people writing code should be worried about giving meta information of their scripts. Every piece of code that this machine execute is in some way pure art in my opinion, and i feel that put them in categories feel wrong.

Maybe categorize was not the proper term, more like “organize if you need to”.
The sketch on a piece of paper is a good idea, but doesn’t feel it too much. Maybe i could do an excel document? A spredsheet?

Would it be possible to make the favorites list persistent past a system:reset? I really like the feature, but with some super collider hangs I’ve had, I have to use the system reset to get them to clear.


I thought about a simple sample player that loads different samples to all buttons on the grid.

It also could work as a “previewer” or selector for future scripts?

128 samples on 1 page, all buttons

Why? Because this way you have a lot of them and it could be a fast way to find interesting pairs. The samples could choke each other or not.

What you guys think? I can’t code but maybe it can inspire some ideas

Edit: and also if there was a shortcut for pitch shifting a chosen sample :open_mouth: That would be the best

have you seen timber? sounds like it might fit the bill


Haha say what! Thanks, checking


For those that are interested, I hacked together a (kludge) “Launcher” script to help me remember what scripts I like and what they do.

It’s simply a JSON list of scripts with descriptions (manual-ish). Scripts that have been favorited will automatically be added to the top to the list with a description1.



In order, to have Launcher appear at the top of all available scripts, after install simply rename the containing folder to AA_


The included data.json file should be edited to suit your needs and taste. The schema is quite simple.

  "<category>": [
    ["<script_name>", "<description>"]

1 The automatically added “metadata” is simply a scrape of the first 2 lines of the script. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s a start :slight_smile:


I was playing with @cfd90’s blippoo over the weekend, and after mapping the parameters to my FaderFox UC4 midi controller, I started thinking that it would be great to be able to send 14-bit CC messages (NRPN) to control some parameters on Norns scripts instead of the default 7-bit (0–127) messages. A script like blippoo would benefit from that especially.

I took a quick peek at params.lua, but it’s beyond my abilities at the moment to try to hack something workable together. I would like to take a stab at it though! Any pointers on how should I modify it in order for the MIDI learn to be able to parse MSB/LSB messages? (Assuming that I am right in guessing that the menu_midi_event function is the right place…)


I’d love a script that could do what guitar pedals like the Red Panda Particle/Pladask Bakfram etc do. Granular delays with octave effects etc.

Also something like the Mood, where the buffer is always listening - AFAIK none of the norns loopers have always listening buffers that can be engaged?

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Cheat Codes 2 has such constantly-recording mode and it can play chunks of audio using euclidean rhythms. And it has a whole “delays” page


I feel like this has to exist already, but: simple norns script that uses arc as a “4n” via crow. Each arc encoder controls a crow output, directly setting voltage from -5V to +5V as you rotate the encoder. no automation, no inertia, no tricks… just big ol knobs

EDIT: I made the thing 4 Big Knobs


I was just thinking of something like this. Should be really easy to make, but I was going to try to be clever, using multiple encoders as output select, coarse, fine etc. to avoid large amounts of turning. Probably the UI for this would be a lot more work than the simple version. Also I was thinking to add a few more options, static voltage, LFO, noise, S&H etc.

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I’ll see if I can whip it up today. Mind if I dm you to help me test?

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20 characters of sure thing.

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For anyone else who wants to try:


Lemme know how it works for ya, and if there’s any more features you’d like. Trying to keep this one simple, but I can imagine a few common use cases being added on (thinking: arc not required, customizable min/max voltage, use crow inputs for something (attenuation & offset?), mayyybe snapshots & interpolation, etc.). A bit slammed at the moment but I’ll polish it up and make a proper Library thread later this weekend I hope


while you might be tinkering…how easy would it be to focus-switch between two crow connected to one norns?

now that i think about it
do any norns apps already do this?

I don’t think this is currently possible, there is just a single crow that the norns lua environment knows how to talk to (compare to the “add midi device” handlers which maintain a table of connected midi devices).



is there any technical hurdle preventing me from copying that code and adding multiple crow support?

i’m willing to try testing

Thank you for making this! I won’t have a chance to try it tonight but looking forward to it. I love your idea of using Crow inputs for interpolation between snapshots! Being able to use CV to move between arc positions would be amazing.

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