Norns: ideas



Maybe this?


Is it possible to use Quarks yet?


I could be way off but arent they built in already?


I know we already have compression and reverb on the master, but how nice would it be to have a pretty and simple chorus? Yeah? Yeah.


modulation of Softcut (any delay line) could give you a build-yr-own chorus!


Did I read somewhere that softcut is now a l w a y s o n in 2.0?
That sounds nice. Maybe I will have to learn a little code…


i’ve made an “include” system where you can drop in simple softcut config over the top of a script, ie a configurable delay line or sampler, so yes a drop-in chorus is likely quite easy (!)


had an idea for a norns audio recorder script with a pre-roll record buffer. it would always be recording in the background on a 2 minute window. hit record and it continues an extended recording, with the pre-roll buffer prepended. never lose a good jam :slight_smile:


20 characters of chiptune engine


OMG I think I found the motherlode!


  • Astrocade - sound chip emulation
  • Atari2600 - tia sound chip emulation
  • Nes2 - apu sound chip emulation
  • SN76489 - sound chip emulation


Interesting! how is that app called? I would like to test it.


Autony is the name of the app

I also have a new one out in the next week or so that generates clouds of midi notes

You can find them under my partners name “Abigail Macfarlane” on the app store (we are setting up a limited company but I wanted to see if things sold before committing :wink: )


Frederik Olofsson is a SuperCollider beast. His twitter is a gold mine of patches with very limited characters.

It would be great to get these on norns, though.


if you dont mind installing cmake you can just clone the repo and build them on the norns in the usual fashion.


“the usual fashion” part is where I’m at right now. :grin: Is that the fashion you posted in the supercollider thread just now?


well the repo uses cmake (which many SC projects do, probly becuse supercollider itself does.) by “the usual” way, i meant the way you would build and install those ugens on any debian system

sudo apt-get install cmake
cd path-to-repo
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

[that’s generic, check the actual project / readme of course]

if you dont want to install cmake (disk space) and want to add those ugens to the norns build system then you would make appropriate additions to the wscript i linked. (norns uses waf not cmake.)

oh btw

yes, you can install quarks from the sclang REPL


There’s also the AY UGen (Yamaha YM2149 emu) which ships with sc3-plugins, so it will be installed by default on norns.


FWIW - I have these ugens compiled on norns and I’ve started on an Atari2600 engine (which kinda works so far, but I’m really new to sc so it’s slow going)


Came here to say this!


I’ve got SN76489 and Atari2600 norns engines working (and somewhat documented) so far. :tada:

The crazy/fun/not-fun part of this is having to look up the development/programming references for the original chips to know what the various arguments do.