Norns: ideas


BTW: in softcut 2.0, record + playback at <1.0 rate is effectively equivalent to sample rate reduction with cubic resampling.

there is an option for linear resampling in the code (and of course zero-hold resampling is pretty trivial.) lower-order options are not currently enabled for runtime selection. maybe in a future update. (is this appealing?)

bitcrushing is another option. linear remapping is trivial; but i suppose mu-law mapping is important for getting that “12-bit sound.” (is static companding an important component of that?)

an immediate update i’d like to add for that subsystem is post-resampling SVF (in addition to the existing pre-record SVF, which allows a different set of possibilities.) post-filtering makes distorting processes more useful i think. that’s not a big deal to add, it’s just that there are already a lot of new parameters in 2.0. so currentlty, we’re leaving additional baked-in FX options for, like, 2.1, simply for usability reasons.


re: sample/bit rate reduction, something I find incredibly useful is to output the residual (f(x)-x)
and then give the user control over the wet/dry mix. then you can control the amount of grit, or send the residual to a separate EQ before mixing it back in. In terms of commercial products I had an old TC electronics processor (I think Fireworx) which allowed for this, otherwise I haven’t seen it. But it is very useful.


I got my Norns last week and the first thing I’ve done is have a play with Cranes (guitar straight into Norns). Beautiful, intuitive script (thanks @Dan_Derks)

My wishlist and ideas would be:

  • Integrate some form of ‘record/overdub’ enable for either buffer (so independent material can be recorded to either buffer).
  • Independent shift/wobble (Key 3) values, and enable, per buffer.
  • Simple forward/reverse control per buffer (with speed as independent parameter).
  • Panning per buffer (so both buffers could be routed independently via the L+R outputs for further processing).

These are perhaps things that would be a good idea for my first Norns coding endeavor (I have basic/rusty grasp of C++)?

Or better to wait until Norns 2 is released before delving into the coding side?


excellent ideas, @Ithacus, definitely all on the roadmap :slight_smile:

cranes has not yet been updated to norns 2.0, but i’d say upgrading for the new softcut is 100% worth it, so it might be a really cool exercise to create your own looper and hack out the stuff from cranes you do like — at least until i can get some time set aside.


Hey thanks Dan. Sounds like a good idea!

The stuff I’ve listed is pretty simple, so could be doable for me using your existing code (only one way to find out :grin:).

Quick question: for Midi CC mapping to parameters, is this a system level function (so doesn’t need configuring in script code)?

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20 characters of correct :slight_smile:


one heads up, if you update norns: the softcut syntax has completely changed and that version of cranes will not work. I am trying to set aside time the next few days to update cranes for 2.0, though!


Can the headphone out be different from the main output, say for the purpose of cueing?
If so i think it would be great fun to make a script for DJing.


I actually had this same thought! It’d be cool if someone could adapt that old DJ64 app for the norns with a UI. I’d take it on but I have a few too many projects right now.

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no, sorry, same DAC channels


Has there been any thought to adding a loop function to TAPE->PLAY? This would allow playing backing tracks/drones/etc under other script output.

Norns 2.0 beta

I’d sure love this, and also a speed parameter, and also cc control of reverb parameters would be way cool (and also a way of resetting them to default values) but I thought it might be better to think about it after 2.0 is complete.


On crone side: Tape loop is easy, variable speed less easy


Uh, another thing about Tape, I’d love more meaningful filenames. Like Playfair190319_1 or something.


Hugely agree - the possibility to rename would be amazing!

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Tape appears to be it’s own app. So building out it features into something more usable would be cool.


It’s not at the moment, it’s a module in crone::MixerClient

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this has been on my list. actually the main thing i wanted to add is a name auto-generator (define-able) along with an editor/override

this is built-in to a param menu mega redesign that is coming post 2.0. you can manually script reverb params, check out mix.lua in norns/lua/core


sleep brain pre work angl jam has me wanting to jot this down for future me with spare time:

it would be cool to control start/end points of glut voices via grid. basically like how the grid version of glut works, but with the grid setting the circumference of the circle of the arc rather than the playhead. could either be two grid rows of resolution per knob or 15 rows of resolution per knob and one row for tabbing between knobs…

can’t get over how good the knobs feel, i knew it would be somewhat more musical but it was hard to really grasp without trying it


getting a bit sidetracked by softcut on my Smalltalk idea but liking where it is right now. casio mt-40 (the sleng teng one) is going into norns with Smalltalk responding (very basic TestSine at this point) to incoming freq and my WIP softcut script ‘tunnels’ on delay(s).