Norns: ideas

Yea we’re going to need to see that :grinning:

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definitely, though I ended up getting crazier with it and am thinking about making a small library of these variations that can be loaded from within this same script. one caveat is that since I’m integrating this with a script that takes an external instrument and only uses 1 encoder on norns, most of the softcut changes are coming from simple key presses (like a pedal)… so it might take a bit of work to integrate it better into existing scripts without messing with other parameters/functionality.


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this weekend i did this

so far, it mostly works… some caveats

  • i only used tweets which consist of a synthdef (not routines / PDefs), so i can easily manage it’s lifecycle - a) send it to a specific Group, b) stop all its processes without bringing down all of SC, c) run multiple sctweets in parallel.

  • i ran into a novel SC error! something about “selector table too big.” ~300 tweets was too many to wrap in functions in one class method. i stripped it down to ~70. something in between would probably work.

next steps:

  • add two modulator parameters, and replace/multiply a couple graph-compile-time constants in each tweet with parameter values. this will take some work.
  • spit out a lua file with all the text so it can be shown on screen. this led me to consider keeping everything in lua, and having an engine “command” that just takes the synthdef code, interprets it, and instances it in a Group. that might be a little too insane…

which teensy microcontroller do you use for this (e4)?

Teensy 3.2 is being used here

many thanks will give this a go :smile:

Hi, not sure if this has been mentioned or thought of before, but I could picture norns being a cool place to have a sequencer coded to be similar to the OP-1 tombola sequencer?

I don’t have the means to do so, but it just popped into my head :slight_smile:


@ludvista29, Check out Rebound by @enneff if you haven’t :slight_smile:


Welp this is dope! :slight_smile:


Wondering if anyone has actually spent some time getting a Snyderphonics Manta to work with norns? Currently without a norns but keen to get back into it. Having the possibility to hook up my Manta would push me over the edge.

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I have been meaning to try with 2.0, since there is much better HID support. It wasn’t working out of the box w/ 1.0 and I started digging around but didn’t have time to do much debugging. I may have some time this weekend or early next week, and will let you know.

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that’d be great. thank you so much.

keep in mind that you currently can only read HID, not write to it.

You might have better luck getting the manta->OSC stuff working and using OSC instead.

not sure if this has been covered:

a script based on Control for max that runs in the background and can be enabled for scripts that dont have built in grid control. that way you can plug in grid, turn this on, design/load a midi control scheme on grid, then midi map to norns controls u want.

is this a thing? i dont have a norns and probably wont for a year or so more so i cant work on this.

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I’m curious if there’s any work being done on being able to name saved presets/params?

There is a text entry widget available in the wifi password entry area. Is that available for use elsewhere in norns scripting? EDIT: I see there is a textentry.lua lib.

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this would accommodate named presets nicely:

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Has Flin been made 2.0 ready or is it in the pipeline? I see its not in the current update. I havent seen anyone mention it lately but I do find it one of those straightforward apps that is continually useful.

I do have some ideas for adding to it a bit:
Would love it to run a bit faster.
A few versions using the different synth engines, different pallet of sounds would be good.
It would be good to be able to set the multiples for each row in the parameters menu and not be stuck with just 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.( it would definitely need to run faster for large numbers)
I am never sure what the legato parameter does- but maybe it should set the extent to which the envelope length is influenced by the row multiple.That is at zero all notes are the same length, at max setting the notes on the 7th row played every 7 beats last 7x longer.
Maybe each column could also have a play 3x then skip a go type option to get some greater complexity going.

just thinking out loud really.

One thing I’ve been thinking of is whether or not Norns could start using a usb thumb drive for recording or for loading samples.

Over the weekend, I upgraded my raspi chip to CM3+ 32gb so I could upload loop libraries to MLR, and Cyberduck kept disconnecting on my transfers. It uploads anything less than 100mb, just not anything upwards of that much.

Hence, wondering @tehn if Norns usb drive could start being used for kits/tapes, or also could I transfer my samples/kits via serial?

Thanks! 2.0 is making me so happy!!!


I think you could just ssh into norms, stick in the usb drive and ‘cp’ them over? I don’t think there is any limitation (other than available disk space) copying files from usb onto Norns. That’s how I copied the update tar.

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