Norns: ideas



I remember a supercollider system for algorithmically cutting up breakbeats called BBCut. I played a few shows using it in like, 2001. It seems it still exists but in a different form. It’d be cool to have an automated chaotic breakbeat cutter with physical controls for weighting parameters. I think I was using one of those Peavy 16 fader MIDI things at the time. Dunno if this would fit into the mlr flow.


you can already do this. the tempo-lock is a little weird for UI and i plan to refine this (and provide docs). additionally once a “sets” feature is completed the sample-based workflow will make much more sense. but yes, certainly now you can load samples into a clip.


i can see grid orientation as being a good feature addition. yes, it’d require both c backend changes and also menu UI code.


I’d love this. My desk is small and my grid runs up against my MPC.


Sounds awesome. And yeah, the existing clip stuff is great, was just thinking primarily of handling a stereo recording per track.


Files saved with norns get tagged with correct time & date

As norns can save files by itself (i.e. parameter sets), it would be great if these were tagged with the correct time and date when SFTP browsing them with e.g. Cyberduck. Right now saved files appear as if they are tagged time & date derived from an internal clock that gets reset to a somewhat arbitrary date & time each time norns awakens.


Conway’s Game of Life seems like a natural fit with norns and grid, but could also work standalone. Grid version could have parameters on the norns screen, while standalone would show the patterns generating.

These may be adaptable:


this is more of a bug report, but i’ll address it anyway.

norns doesn’t have an internal RTC, so it doesn’t keep its own time without being connected to a network. hotspot does not sync time. so if you need/want legit timestamps, you’ll need to connect to a router that is internet-connected. we’re currently working on the wifi UI and workability as the router connections has presented problems in some configurations.


Thanks – shall bug reports against norns only be reported to git (which I still have not used), or is there a specific llllllll category norns bugs shall be reported to?


FYI - I worked on this over the weekend and… Pull request for grid rotation was accepted today. :slight_smile:


I was pondering this yesterday…

With any of the synth engines and current scripts is there a concept of saving/loading a “patch” or “preset” like on a regular hardware synth? Specifically talking synth/fx parameters here, not sequences/etc. Seems like you have to manually script saving all the params for an engine right now

So… an easy preset selector - like as a menu item?


I’m currently working on a Game of Life based sequencer. I’ve got many ideas for it and my backlog has grown quite a bit, but I plan to release a first version soon.


The synth in islands will have this because it’s multi timbal & I want to be able to switch sounds in different layers independently. Haven’t quite decided how to do it just yet but have some ideas.

Will probably just be numbered slots due to lack of keyboard


Groovy - lemme know if you need a tester. I’m good at breaking stuff :slight_smile:

I had not really been able to wrap my head around how this might work.

Maybe whats needed is a method to generate a set of possible patch parameters for any give engine - then use that as a preset starting place?


Maybe not a feasible or particularly useful idea from a non-programmer, but I fell asleep yesterday thinking about an Etch-a-Sketch style waveform creation thing for both audio rate and LFO’s. I’d guess some kind of separate wavetable synth to load them into would be fun and maybe necessary too.


Similar to the sketch mode in OP-1?


Haha, I wasn’t aware of that, I swear! But yeah, that’s pretty much what I was imagining interface-wise.


No reason two devices in the world can’t have any overlap. It’s definitely one of the wilder sequencers in the OP-1, and in their implementation it only does pitch


I’m interested in a number of existing Monome ports (or updated versions for norns), viz.,

  • corners
  • decisions
  • Meadowphysics (with MIDI output and presets)
  • parc
  • skitter (from Aleph)

It would be cool to see scripts related to Mutable Instruments modules, e.g., Clouds, Grids, and Marbles.


Downsampling in Ack engine for old sampler vibes pls :slight_smile: