norns: ideas

Cheat Codes 2 has such constantly-recording mode and it can play chunks of audio using euclidean rhythms. And it has a whole “delays” page


I feel like this has to exist already, but: simple norns script that uses arc as a “4n” via crow. Each arc encoder controls a crow output, directly setting voltage from -5V to +5V as you rotate the encoder. no automation, no inertia, no tricks… just big ol knobs

EDIT: I made the thing 4 Big Knobs


I was just thinking of something like this. Should be really easy to make, but I was going to try to be clever, using multiple encoders as output select, coarse, fine etc. to avoid large amounts of turning. Probably the UI for this would be a lot more work than the simple version. Also I was thinking to add a few more options, static voltage, LFO, noise, S&H etc.

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I’ll see if I can whip it up today. Mind if I dm you to help me test?

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20 characters of sure thing.

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For anyone else who wants to try:


Lemme know how it works for ya, and if there’s any more features you’d like. Trying to keep this one simple, but I can imagine a few common use cases being added on (thinking: arc not required, customizable min/max voltage, use crow inputs for something (attenuation & offset?), mayyybe snapshots & interpolation, etc.). A bit slammed at the moment but I’ll polish it up and make a proper Library thread later this weekend I hope


while you might be tinkering…how easy would it be to focus-switch between two crow connected to one norns?

now that i think about it
do any norns apps already do this?

I don’t think this is currently possible, there is just a single crow that the norns lua environment knows how to talk to (compare to the “add midi device” handlers which maintain a table of connected midi devices).



is there any technical hurdle preventing me from copying that code and adding multiple crow support?

i’m willing to try testing

Thank you for making this! I won’t have a chance to try it tonight but looking forward to it. I love your idea of using Crow inputs for interpolation between snapshots! Being able to use CV to move between arc positions would be amazing.

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yeah that would be wild fun

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well someday i think i will do the cycles port thing if no one beats me to it ; )


At first glance it seems to me like this ought to work with only changes to the Lua code so I think it should be possible to follow the approach of the midi device management stuff. I don’t have two crows to test with but I can try and advise. I would want to double check that you get multiple crow.add(...) calls with different id/device information when a second device is connected / removed, to make sure that everything is working right in the C layer with multiple crows.

The main challenge would maybe be in hooking up the “user script” layer, like what kind of object someone writing a script would use to indicate which crow(s) to communicate with – and getting this to work with all the “crow translation” functions that would let you do something like crow[2].output[3].volts = 5 rather than crow[2].send('output[3].volts = 5').

Note also that when modifying the norns system code, matron has to be restarted (run ;restart in maiden’s matron repl or just reboot norns) for changes to files in /home/we/norns/lua to take effect.


excellent tips

thank you @csboling

I just came up with an idea to show some forms / shapes that could be inspiring :v: I have no idea how dandelion script could work but I know it can have some parameters like wind etc.


i could see the top left as an interval system and far right stuff as envelope shapes

these are great


Haha I thought the same thing: topography / envelopes. So, maybe it could be interesting to show something visually simple and powerful and then think about sound


what about some kind of destructive/disintegration looper where you can control wind which randomly blows away bits of your loop over time?


Hi there
i’m a huge fan of granular, glitchy sound effects in combination with delay and reverb.
Currently i’m thinking about purchasing the Microcosm device from Hologram Electronics (
But since i’m also a software developer i wonder if it would be possible to implement the functionality (or probably parts) of that device in some lua scripts and have it available for norns.
What do the experts say, also regarding what is norns actually capable of?

Here some sounds: Demo of 9 Odd Sounds into Microcosm granular sampler looper by Hologram Electronics - YouTube


as a norns user for about a year, without any coding-knowledge, i’d say from my own experience with existing scripts that many of those functions would probably be possible to implement.

have you seen this; TimeParty - Delay with seven step sequencers to modulate time, rate, feedback, autopanning, reverb, filter cutoff, and position.

and: tunnels : A collection of randomized, experimental stereo delays. Flip through a plethora of preset modes (with delightfully esoteric names) for immediate fun.