norns: ideas

Thanks for mentioning those 2 scripts. Will try them.

Hi I would also recommend checking Compass, a great one :v:


Thank you for your work and sorry for the late response! I will try it as soon as i can.

Pedalboard: Chainable FX for norns has Granular (using the Mutable Instruments Clouds source code), Delay, and Reverb effects, plus plenty more. Also has internal “mod matrix”-style modulation


Will try that for sure, thank you for the tip.

Haha, insane. Would love to see that

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I had an idea for a patch : a tamagotchi-like experience. With several lifespan. Maybe 9 seconds, 9 minutes, 9 hours, 9 weeks, or 9 months. And after the death a unique melody is created. The more we waited the more the melody is complex and richer. 9 seconds create a little melody with a few notes, 9 months can create a complete song (maybe with a note generator and random scale selected). What do you think ?


I love this, but absolutely only if there is a little animated animal and you need to remember to feed, and clean up the poop else it will die. Thats very important.


I’ve been imagining a tamagotchi patch where you have to “feed” it using control voltages from crow. It would respond on the crow control voltage outputs.

I don’t know how well it would actually work, but my vision is that it could be used to guide the evolution of a patch in an interesting way.

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I posted on the discord.

Somebody told me that it would be difficult to let the norns powered on during 9 months.

I had the idea that it could synchronize with the date (internet ? Clock/date inside the Os?) to know if it was 9 days, 9 weeks, 9 months since the last launch of the patch to know where the tamagotchi is on his lifespan

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Maybe when you shut down Norns, the tamagotchi goes to sleep. And the longer they’ve been sleep, the hungrier for affection (grid presses? encoder twirling? soft whispers via inputs?) they are, once they wake up…

This would be a great case for using P8 (for the tamagotchi script + animation).

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It’s a nice idea

I was thinking about objects/food that we could give to the tamagotchi. Some objects could have an equivalent to a note or a scale, and that we don’t know which one when we give it (as a blind test). And after we gave objet about the scale, root note and maybe 4 or 5 other notes, the tamagotchi can die and create the song

I thought about a name for this patch. Because it’s about death, creation, grief and resilience I was thinking about « Let-it-go-tchi »

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Would love if some of the food could be a one shot sample or something too!

p8 doesn’t implement PICO-8’s sprite sheet functions and is more targeted towards math-based animations.

The native screen.display_png() method is IMHO a better way to go.

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Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I misremembered that it had full PICO-8 cart support…

Only a partially serious idea… could someone help me develop some sort of secondary flash screen after start up that reminds me to take my meds lol?

I sat down after work today plugged in the norns and this idea came to me. That either says a lot about the day I’ve had or myself. Either way just goofin’. Kinda :wink:

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equalizer part of norns menu?


Such a Good thread!
I dream about the script, some kind of malekko voltage block.
It can be sequencer for midi cc or crow outputs.
It can be controlled from 16n/grid/arc or just from norns)


super fun idea – this is totally possible to roll on your own! all of this text is in sleep.lua:

you could use Cyberduck to upload your custom sleep.lua file into home/we/norns/lua/core/menu, overwrite the stock, and you’ve got reminders :slight_smile:


Dan the man! thanks so much! awesome

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