norns: ideas

I started porting this GitHub - Quixotic7/corners: Port of tehn's corners to norns

The grid interface is working, still need to add a synth engine and params.

Edit: now triggers sounds from Molly The Polly.


Oh wow awesome! - will check it out. Thankyou!

First try using percussive settings - love it! So playable :grinning:


Brilliant, this looks a must try !


not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wrote a simple alias to check the contents of the tape folder from osx:

alias tape='sshpass -p "sleep" ssh we@norns.local ls -la /home/we/dust/audio/tape/'

would be easy to modify for other tape functions like copying the most recent file to desktop :slight_smile:


Nice, i use an alias for connecting to norns but hadnt thought to add the sshpass part !


I have ssh keys in place and a .ssh/config file setting for the username. Seamless :scissors:


Awesome video! It’s very fun to play with. I’ll be adding midi out features and the ability to use the points velocity and position to send ccs when I have time.


I’d be over the moon if autoharp with midi out made it’s way to norns! Just gonna lob that out there :wink:


I started writing a little thing which would keep the daily Freesound featured sound in the sample folder dust/audio. It is currently an anacron job implemented in Python, and requires a Freesound account to respect their API policy. It isn’t ready but it’s halfway there.

A fresh item to listen and be inspired by today :rose:, gone tomorrow :wilted_flower:

Today’s sound is Wakey! by DDmyzik.


i loved the finger wobbling toward the end of the clip! so immersive.

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Thanks :blush: - It’s loads of fun and that’s what makes this script killer to play - here’s a new one messing with 4 pitches on the midi controller


I’ve done some more work on Corners, you can now send out midi notes. Notes are played depending on how many keys you’re holding. You can double click edges to toggle walls on and off and you can send out midi ccs for x,y,dx, and dy with configurable ranges. Mapping x to a filter is wonderful!

Controlling the notes via midi is fun! I should come up with a way to auto change the notes.

Edit: Update 6-21, now drawing the ball to the screen. Removed drawing walls on grid because it looked dumb.


I live in a culture replete with auto-tune, especially commercial trap tunes with autotuned vocals played loud from an automobile – auto tunes indeed. Personally I definitely do not need any more auto-tune in my life.

However I’ve been slightly surprised that no auto-tune seems to exist for norns. The wonderful, partially overlapping world of SuperCollider seems to have a few. I wonder if bringing over a few of those might be something for some norns-people to enjoy, and for some to avoid?


a search led me to this blog post

the author builds a vocal harmonizer that seems like a good jump off point for an auto-tune engine :cowboy_hat_face:


Have been loving my modular together with Norns (shield) and just ordered another one. I record a LOT on norns, and my tape folder is slowly filling up.

I was wondering if the hardware is too limited to make a simple timeline in which one could drag and overlap different (say, 4) WAV files. I have noticed most scripts tend to cut audio to 1 minute when loading. Would be cool to combine some recordings. Still have to get started with learning about the whole infrastructure though! :slight_smile:


Not sure if there is already a script that covers this, but I always loved a delay-line VST granulator called “KTGranulator” that was absolutely wonderful for live processing audio. Locking the different settings allowed for some excellent sculpting.

What really strikes me is the interface seems like it would really lend itself to a grid and norns.


not quite the same, but this made me think that the TE / Kanye stem player thing would be awesome on norns :heart_eyes:


Has anyone tried to implement a 4-track cassette style model on norns, where you can record two or three tracks then bounce them onto one or two open tracks while adding new material?

Is norns capable of that?

I m still norns-less, but hoping to change that soon :sunglasses:


that would make for a fun screen UI
never seen it before!


Agreed. This we be a rad addition to norns.