norns: ideas

despite some weak attempts, I havent gotten a grasp on SC at all yet, but i see that there is a “PMOsc” for Phase Modulation.

Would it be possible to achieve the same type of Sample Phase Modulation that the Assimil8or does, or is that a more complex dsp/the sum of many smaller processes, only one of which is phase modulation/not worth developing a script for in norns for whatever reason?

it sounds like an interesting concept. Im just curious if its been implemented practically in any other format aside from that module

looping/time-stretching, pitch shifting & granulating audio processing techniques for samples have been covered in existing scripts. just trying to brainstorm more interesting ways to mangle things in norns

"Rossum are proud of the fact that the Assimil8or is the first sampler to allow phase modulation between samples. More commonly, and erroneously, known as frequency modulation by Yamaha, phase modulation allows one sample to phase modulate another. Instead of altering the fundamental frequency of a sample, as proper FM would do, phase modulation alters the timbre, allowing for much more musical results. In practice, phase modulating samples requires some experimentation. It’s not quite as predictable as when dealing with sine waves on a DX synth, but it opens up a world of potential. As well as using one channel to modulate another, you can also use CV inputs or the left or right sample inputs. This means you can use an external audio signal as the modulator. You effectively have an 8-operator phase modulation oscillator which is able to load samples. Quite mind blowing when you think about it."

if i ever learn to create my own scripts, i want to make something like MI Warps + some of the ableton stock effects i’ve found to be most useful for processing samples. it would be something like pedalboard i suppose, but also Sway, where the effects can interact. it would have mutlitple bandpass filters for modal resonating, cross mod, phase mod, frequency shifting, formant shifting, vocoder with external input + internal noise, wavefolder, bitcrushing, binarual panning. this actually seems like it might be easier to create as a puredata patch for nornsmother

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A few SC ideas I’ve had:

  • Dirty pitch tracking oscillator like Partial Party, seems similar to Telephone on OP-1 (see Pitch or Norns’ pitch poll API).
  • Formant could be the basis of a cool voice, I’ve experimented with this in the past but sadly think the code was only on a Fates I sold (was based on earthsea for grid interaction).
  • Clone a Boss SL-20 Slicer (used by Oneohtrix Point Never back in the day) for adding rhythmic interest to an input signal. My Norns has a monosynth patched in 100% of the time so this seems like a fun route to experiment with.

most/all of the buffer reading ugens work strictly based of a phase input - so phase modulation would just be a matter of summing your modulation with a Phasor. not familiar with the module, but sounds to me like an approachable & worthwhile first supercollider project !


This may be a big can-of-worms thing, but would it be worthwhile to get VST support into Norns? I found this SC plugin that seems to fit the bill, but couldn’t quite figure out where it goes in the Norns SC setup in order to test it out. I think that each VST would still require its own engine in order to pull in the parameters, so I don’t think you’d be able to just drop in your favorite stuff and go.

Are there (m)any VST plug-ins available for Linux/ARM? What you links to talks about running Windows plug-ins with Wine, but that’ll only work on x86.

I dunno, I wouldn’t, leave it be a magical sound computer it is :slight_smile:


There’s quite a few VST plugins compiled for ARM, but I don’t know if it would be interesting or worthwhile to use them with Supercollider/Norns: KXStudio : Repositories : Plugins.

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Yeah, I think this is right. It’d probably be a heavy lift in order to allow Norns to do stuff that existing scripts can already do. In my case, the primary use case is already covered by Mx.Samples (and maybe others).


Agreed. I like Norns for the weird stuff I can’t easily get on desktop. Plus most of my favorite VST are either very demanding or have some sort of copy-protection. I can’t think of any freebies worth trying to squeeze into the Norns form factor with a limited GUI.


Much <3 for the weird, also <3 for open source (which norns scripts are by design) to adapt, adopt and learn from.


well the rabbit hole at the bottom of the can of worms leads to the pandoras box which requires that any of the VSTs be compiled for ARM linux :upside_down_face: (or whatever the raspi processor is blah blah)


You should check out Tviburar. Not exactly what you’re after but pretty close :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip! Had overlooked that one.

Some similar elements to the generator patch but some pretty big differences though, so I don’t think they’ll be too similar in practice. Still, looks like a really fun and useful script in it’s own way. Can’t wait to check it out!

I’m interested generally in having more norns scripts that are completely self-contained - no need for external input, grid, midi devices, etc. but also very interesting to interact with. flora and awake come to mind as great examples.

to that end, here are two ideas that I’ve spiked but then became not entirely enthusiastic about. would love ideas related to / forked from / completely different than these.

phrases: create and connect musical phrases. each musical phrase can have any number of notes / tempo. and any note can have a probability to jump to another phrase and continue. eventually all phrases return to the first phrase. melodies nested in melodies. (and two/three simultaneous phrases might create chords). GitHub - schollz/phrases

splines: make music by drawing music. everything is a spline: note pitch, time between notes, note velocity, space between notes. you pick the points of the spline and the curvature determines all the parameters for music. GitHub - schollz/splines

not related to the above goal, but another (sorta joke) idea I had:

midi2code: instead of live coding music, music live codes. e.g. predetermined code or markov-generated code is typed one letter at a time after receiving osc messages (which are triggered by midi notes or volume or something). GitHub - schollz/midi2code


Wow, the phrases sounds especially awesome :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:


Take a look (and listen) to the mosaic function here. (from 0:00-3:26).

Sounds amazing! Would love to have that on the Norns.

I am currently waiting for a new batch and will then order it.

Any patches that can go in the same ballpark/range as the video?



cant see the video link

Haha. My amazing brain forgot to paste the link. Done :slight_smile:

same. although we do have a lot of scripts that can produce similar results. every time i think of buying one of the many impressive looking granular pedals/modules, i remember i have a norns. a port of this would be really cool though


Yeah. This pedal really has me thinking. Maybe I should wait and get the micro cosmos instead. Mmeeeh. But the Norns is so cool.

I don’t know how to code myself (only node based stuff), and it will probably take forever before I am good enough to clone the part of the pedal that I love.