norns: ideas

Or the old classic Arcologies.


Well technically it looks a lot like Nodal, which, as that video also notes, is what Midinous is based on – the original research papers are well worth a read.

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20 chars of damn, I need a Grid

Script idea: using a keyboard, type in a prompt and the script uses ChatGPT to output the result


I created a Tintinnabuli melody generator by going back and forth with ChatGPT (I know…). Anyone interested in collaborating to turn this into a Norns script?

My code knowledge is pretty rusty. I’ve done about half of the studies, and can go further on my own, but I’m a slow learner. I created this via prompts and made small tweaks here and there to get it to where it is. I don’t have a good sense of what the next steps are, but I’d like to learn.

If you host that code locally, you should be able to run it in your browser.

First idea is that you could choose a root key and scale and then generate 32 sequences across the top 2 rows of grid buttons, and then use the remaining butons to sequence a performance, freeing you up to… do something? Play with fx, tweak synth parameters. It would probably be cool to have it running Molly the Poly or something like that. Fully open to ideas.


This is a silly idea i worked up in that vein. If/when I have the time i would push on this more robustly with Magenta.