Norns in NYC may 8


5-8pm at commend! 172 forsyth st.

we’ll have several machines for you to play.

small music performances at 7pm.

come say hello and sit around with us.


might be a throwback, but any periscope plans? or any video doc?


we will explore the wifi situation when we get there!


wish i could b there in physical form - have a great norns hang :star2:


at least come for the baked goods


I’ll be there! 20 chars of :fist_right::fist_left:


Really looking forward to this :slight_smile: One of the best NYC spots for a lovely relaxing time. I will play some relaxing 160bpm music for you.


aaah wish i could be there. have fun!


I’m sooo tempted to drive up but i cant justify it

just a bit too far for a weekday roadtrip


so wish I could be there. Have fun all!


I definitely wasn’t pricing out Amtrak tickets today…


I too would love to be there…
Jelly for the NYC folks!


today today today


I wish I could make it!! Good luck!


Dang it I should have taken the bus from Boston. Have fun!


only if it is the relaxing side of 160bpm, i will be there!


That looks simultaneously amazing, and also comical (if projected out to a scenario where you are going through a busy airports security, and the security person is doing that kind of “screening smalltalk” when they ask, right before opening your case “so what do you do?”, “I’m a musician”… then they open up and see this. Just trying to see something like this through someone’s eyes who ha absolutely no context for it)


I was just at Commend for the first time on Saturday, awesome shop. Wish I could make it!


Wah! I live in the wrong Red Hook, NY!


Hope it will be recorded and we can see it later… life will keep me busy today and away from computer :slight_smile: