Norns in NYC may 8

I couldn’t record any audio from Norns but I did get a little of @tehn 's performance


so cool! gah, wish i had had the spare time last week to figure out if i were able to rationalize buying one.

having serious ‘fear of buyer’s remorse’ remorse.


::Dave Chappelle meme pic::

Ya’ll got any more of them Norns pics/vids?


Oh snap! I wish I’d have seen this in time, I’d have def stopped by, next time I guess.

Yesterday was awesome.


Wooo! More manual shots, please.


haha I definitely did a zoom in on that one too


same! never been more excited to read a manual

@tehn is that a DIY midi controller box between the grids?


I imagine it’s this thing:

(which is a DIY MIDI controller if memory serves right)


yeah that’s just a custom teensy-based midi knob thing, like the 2n and 16n from other threads here. i needed a super-tiny thing for touring. i should make a nicer one (or just get a 16n)

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also that mlr one-sheet is preliminary and not very thorough. still updating/changing the script…

mlr.pdf (283.3 KB)

also here’s the menu:

norns-selector.pdf (282.7 KB)


Is it possible you could put the files for it on oshpark?


Beautiful, thanks. :grinning:

i am loving the economy and minimalism of this. i had a dream setup that included SuperCollider on ipad that i got working on IOS7 with xcode but i could never get the midi to work properly and the idea was to simply have SC running on an ipad and that’s it for the super clean minimalism Karheinz Essl setup


for those who attended

what was your impression of the aluminum finish? does it collect fingerprints?
the encoders and keys look like silicon? are they…or is it plastic?

how does it feel?

mabye i shouldve just gone after all cause I thought there would be plenty more feedback


knobs are custom, silicone, like the aleph. same feel as grid keys. aluminum doesn’t leave fingerprints-- they are pre-finished.

this is of course not a qualitative answer :slight_smile:


Nope, that exactly what i was hoping for.

Guessed about the encoders (based on @bpcmusic hires photos on IG) but wanted confirmation.

I was super-glad to be in NYC on business and able to stop by the event. Here are some quick impressions and photos.

norns felt great and looked beautiful. I marveled at the case and its finish. It looked wonderful catching sunlight from the window.

The coloring changes a bit in photos based on the light - so don’t take them too literally in that regard. But, just look at the lovely fit and finish of those rounded edges:

The display felt very appropriate for the industrial design of the device.

More photos up on my instagram (you can page through them): and

Once I got the hang of the navigation and menu system, it was pretty easy to get around the device. I played around with a number of the demo programs. Even at this early stage, they are pretty powerful. Headphone output was solid enough that I was able to block out the noise of the room when focusing on it.

Didn’t get a chance to see the web ui. Browsing the device’s config, at this point we have options to use it on an existing, shared Wi-Fi network or to set up the norns as a hotspot and connect directly to it. Eager to see a demo of this.

Bottom line: everything was very responsive and immediate feeling. Norns is going to be a great companion for laptop-free performances. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and dig in.

@Galapagoose and @tehn’s performance was great. They featured dual w/ and dual norns in their respective rigs. As @infovore pointed out on my instagram, their stamina with those “performance stances” was impressive. I was struggling to simply stand and watch without falling over. (To be fair, I used my lazy LA legs to walk halfway across the city to get there.) :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of shots:

Thanks again to @tehn, @kelli_cain and the folks at commend for hosting the event. It was nice to get to meet everyone and share in the excitement of this new, beautiful device.