Norns in NYC may 8


there gonna be a stream of this anywhere by chance?


Seconded. I’ve not even ordered and am not sure it’s for me, but I still absolutely believe in you all and the beauty of the concept, design philosophy, and execution. I definitely want to continue following Norns development, so would love to see a video of the demo/presentation.


Oh, and it should go without saying, but GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN! :slight_smile:


I’m here. It’s great. So are the cookies.


hi ! i’m newish here - arrived early at the event, before anyone else showed up, and had no idea what i was doing while i played around with the norns/grid combo, not having ever touched either before :smiley: but had SO much fun and can’t wait to see how everyone here makes use of it. brian was immensely kind and introduced himself while i stood around awkwardly and gave me a quick tutorial on how to use his beautiful devices - he deserves all the success in the world with this one


Greetings @feathers! That’s maybe the best review ever and just about sums up the monome experience. Welcome aboard. Exciting times ahead!


Did anyone manage to make some recordings or videos? I’m experiencing Nornish Envy. :wink:


I couldn’t record any audio from Norns but I did get a little of @tehn 's performance


so cool! gah, wish i had had the spare time last week to figure out if i were able to rationalize buying one.

having serious ‘fear of buyer’s remorse’ remorse.


::Dave Chappelle meme pic::

Ya’ll got any more of them Norns pics/vids?


Oh snap! I wish I’d have seen this in time, I’d have def stopped by, next time I guess.


Yesterday was awesome.


Wooo! More manual shots, please.


haha I definitely did a zoom in on that one too


same! never been more excited to read a manual


@tehn is that a DIY midi controller box between the grids?


I imagine it’s this thing:

(which is a DIY MIDI controller if memory serves right)


yeah that’s just a custom teensy-based midi knob thing, like the 2n and 16n from other threads here. i needed a super-tiny thing for touring. i should make a nicer one (or just get a 16n)


also that mlr one-sheet is preliminary and not very thorough. still updating/changing the script…

mlr.pdf (283.3 KB)

also here’s the menu:

norns-selector.pdf (282.7 KB)

Approaching: norns
Approaching: norns

Is it possible you could put the files for it on oshpark?