Norns: Installed scripts not displaying in Norns script list?

Hi all

Hopefully this is in the right category. I’ve just noticed that a few scripts which show as installed in Maiden are not shown in the script list on Norns itself, even after restarting (many times…=/ ). Has anyone else encountered this?

The specific scripts that don’t display are Yggdrasil, Zellen and zxcvbn - should be the last 3 on the list… I recently installed both zxcvbn and xD1 - xD1 does display in the list. Yggdrasil and Zellen had both been installed for a while, though I can only vaguely remember seeing them in the list, if at all. It’s not often I’ve scrolled all the way to the end…

I’m using a Monome Shield 200323, running 220802. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the scripts in question, restarted after installs - and many times besides, just in case; deleted a few unneeded scripts in case there was some maximum number that could be displayed (I have pretty much all available scripts installed…); can’t see anything obvious in logs (though I don’t really know what to look for). And that’s about the limit of my ability to debug this! :sweat_smile:

What else should I try? Any help very much appreciated!

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Is there a limitation in the max number of scripts that can be displayed in the norns screen? Yesterday updated a bunch of scripts , including zellen. Restarted and just realized the alphabetically script list ended in the “T”s….can’t see more scripts in the norns display, but they are installed and I can see it in maiden. Had to erase about 20 scripts to be able to run Zellen…

I don’t have an answer for you, sorry - but very interested to hear any that emerge in response to this question. I posted about what seems like a very similar issue in November here but had no responses…

Haven’t had a lot (or really any) time to progress this since then, but was planning to reflash my SD card and reinstall everything as a next attempt to resolve. It’s interesting you were able to get Zellen to display by deleting scripts - I tried deleting a few but not as many as you did :thinking:

I’ll try to have a poke around this weekend and see if I can learn anything further. Keen to hear about any other progress you make!

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had to do the same in my fates, so I think is not something related to the installation. You can write what’s the last script name in your script list, then delete one or two script and you’ll see new names appear at the end of your list

Internally the script listed logic in the system menu starts by running a find command to scan the filesystem and then further processes the capture command output in lua to produce the script list. Looking at the implementation of norns.system_command I am reminded that it uses a fixed size buffer to capture the output - currently defined to be 64Kb. If the find command produces more output that the buffer can capture it is truncated. Since the output of the find is being sorted that would mean that the scripts which sort toward the end would get dropped.

I’ve created a GH issue for this bug: script listing is truncated when large numbers of scripts are installed · Issue #1663 · monome/norns · GitHub