Norns: Installed scripts not displaying in Norns script list?

Hi all

Hopefully this is in the right category. I’ve just noticed that a few scripts which show as installed in Maiden are not shown in the script list on Norns itself, even after restarting (many times…=/ ). Has anyone else encountered this?

The specific scripts that don’t display are Yggdrasil, Zellen and zxcvbn - should be the last 3 on the list… I recently installed both zxcvbn and xD1 - xD1 does display in the list. Yggdrasil and Zellen had both been installed for a while, though I can only vaguely remember seeing them in the list, if at all. It’s not often I’ve scrolled all the way to the end…

I’m using a Monome Shield 200323, running 220802. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the scripts in question, restarted after installs - and many times besides, just in case; deleted a few unneeded scripts in case there was some maximum number that could be displayed (I have pretty much all available scripts installed…); can’t see anything obvious in logs (though I don’t really know what to look for). And that’s about the limit of my ability to debug this! :sweat_smile:

What else should I try? Any help very much appreciated!