Norns: jumpy / defect encoders

unfortunately some units in the earliest batch had bad encoders soldered on. i’ve been replacing them by hand when issues show up. this is a maybe-fail over time, so there’s a pretty strong chance that even though i fixed one of your encoders, another failed. i’m happy to get the unit fixed and apologize for the trouble. e-mail

the currently released update also has not-great acceleration code, which is fixed in the upcoming update, so generally everything will feel better. but this will not fix a sad encoder.

little test script to help you identify a defect
-- encoder test

screen_dirty = true

function init()
  counter = {}
  for e = 1,3 do
    counter[e] = 0

function enc(e,d)
  counter[e] = util.clamp(counter[e] + d,0,100)
  screen_dirty = true

function redraw()
  for i = 1,3 do
    screen.move(120, 22 + (10*i))
    screen.text_right("e"..i..": "..counter[i])

function screen_redraw_clock()
  while true do
    if screen_dirty then
      screen_dirty = false

This makes me feel better- I thought I was the only one who hasn’t been getting on with the encoders, just assumed maybe that’s how they were and that others didn’t mind much, but mine definitely have the issue with acceleration and glitchy moving odd directions, especially when turned quickly. Getting these fixed would be awesome- will be in touch. :blue_heart:

I have the same problem as well and also took it as it was just how they behaved

Same here, mostly the 3d encoder. Shall I wait for the new firmware?

Unfortunately, my 3rd encoder also buggy

I’ve got the same issue as everyone above. Can’t remember if 2nd or 3rd is worse.

Same issue on the 2nd and 3rd Encoder of my norns.

I suspect it’s only noticeable based on what the encoder is mapped to. I can replicate the issue with any encoder, just depends on whether it’s a precision operation or not whether I notice

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i’ll get together a little test script so we all can confirm possible defect encoders. i’m very sorry for the trouble and will get everything fixed.


Hi @tehn - did this test script ever appear? One of my encoders seems to be acting a bit weird but not sure if it’s just me.

I’m working on a software fix while attempting to fully identify the problem. will post back here soon, thanks for your patience


i’ve attempted a bandaid software fix (basically a filter).

please don’t attempt this unless you’re comfortable with git, have norns connected to a wifi network, and don’t have shows coming up in case something gets messed up

try this branch:

basically recompile matron with this test version

cd norns
git pull
git checkout master-encoder-soft-fix

to undo this and get back to the version in 181101:

git checkout 2cb308c59d4fd0dcfbeb38075ca1c60a113df3e3

i tested with a somewhat sketchy ENC2, and i believe i’m seeing pretty good filtering. i’m testing by using ENC1 to navigate left to the MIX page and then using ENC2/ENC3 to move the bars.

beyond that i’m investigating optimized methods of fixing the hardware before i inundate myself with repairs… and trying to figure out the cause of the degradation. thank you for your patience everyone.


I get an Error Message when I am try to checkout the Encoder Fix branch

you need the git pull first, if that doesn’t work try git fetch --all


Is this a method to detect if we have a bad encoder? None of mine seem to be necessarily bad but being part of the first batch i’m wondering if I should be looking out for declining performance over time?

this is not a “check” but a “soft-fix” whose effectiveness i’m looking to test further.

the symptom of problem encoders is easy to see on the MIX/LEVELS screen, if moving the faders/bars is not smooth but jumpy.


All three of mine jump around, and not always in the direction that I am turning. I will try to get your soft-fix running later today.

I would say the fix is working, no jumping anymore. Thanks @tehn

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Though I have only had time to “test” via LEVELS, the soft-fix is much smoother feeling!

I have checked and the encoders on my Norns are definitely defective. Is there a brief walkthrough on how to use git to recompile?