Norns load / sleep behavior

My Norns started behaving very strange today. At first it would not go to sleep. I did the ;restart from maiden but the behavior is still there, back and forth. Also it seems to get stuck while loading scripts. Any help on how to get started looking for what’s wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Out of curiosity had it been days or weeks since your norns has been connected to a wifi network?

There is a known bug in Supercollider where it will freak out and generate high CPU load when the system clock (on norns) is updated.

If you can get into maiden one thing to try is using the ;restart command in the “sc” repl - then reboot (sleep + power back on).

Another option is to select SYSTEM > RESET in the menu and see it f that cures the problem.

No, the WiFi dongle has been pretty much connected the whole time. I am suspecting it might have something to do with Arcologies and me not cleaning up old stuff after upgrading to new versions. Cleaned the folders and re-installed. I’ll post again if the problem persists or I find out something new.

Edit: This had something to do with my “bleached” DIY midi controller. Disconnecting that made everything go back to normal. Might be a bad build on my side.

If you are comfortable doing stuff on the Linux command line over ssh it might be worth plugging in your DIY controller and then capturing the output of dmesg. That might give a clue as to why it is causing matron (the norns application which is handling the menu and script loading) to get sluggish.

I have also seen things act up when there are lots of power hungry USB devices plugged in and there isn’t enough power to go around.

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