Norns - Low battery displayed too early?

Hi! The battery levels went from 100 to 0 in about 90 mins and since then I’m seeing Low battery info on the screen but it is still running. 30 minutes past and the unit is still on.

Any thoughts how can I fix this? Thanks!

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What do you have plugged in to Norns? What script are you running?

Now nothing is plugged in and i was switching scripts. Twine, molly the polly etc. I also turned it off and again on and it still says bat 0 and low battery info

i also did the reset that didnt help. It also displays around -600ma

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With nothing plugged in and molly the poly running I get -290ma current draw. Something else must be going on.

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It’s Actually a recently Confirmed known issue that battery display bottoms out quite early (50%?) and I believe brian is working on it

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K, thanks that’s awesome news :v:

it’s a peculiar bug with the battery’s linux driver. i’ll make a git issue.


Ok, thx. Draining the battery and charging again to 100 can somehow reset it? Or that won’t work :thinking:

edit: it finally died, will charge it fully and check. Overall it doesn’t look like I had 50% more power, more like 30%, not sure.

Hi there!

There’s any way to bypass the Low Battery Warning? Would be great to have this option available or just change that warning to something less invasive