Norns Lua API Docset

The Norns Lua API is now available as a user-contributed docset for Dash (macOS) and Zeal (Windows and Linux).


How to Download

  1. Open the Dash “Preferences” window (⌘+,)
  2. Select the “Downloads” tab
  3. Select “User Contributed” in the top-left most panel under “Included Docsets”
  4. Type “norns” in the search bar
  5. Select the “Download” button next to “norns 2.6.0 by midouest”

The Norns Lua API is now available offline in Dash!

You can search just the Norns Lua API docset by prefixing your search with norns:

How to Build

Instructions for generating the docset can be found here.

The docset can be updated by creating a pull request against the Kapeli/Dash-User-Contributions repository.


Thanks to @eigen for letting me use the icon from rpmate as the docset icon!

All of the heavy lifting for generating the docset is done by dashing.


For anyone curious about adding to Zeal, you can add this feed url

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