Norns / maiden / matron — object introspection / norns data structures?

I am trying to do introspection while developing Norns/lua code. Things I’d like to do are

  1. list all parameters of the currently running engine
  2. set current value of an engine parameter

To do the former, I tried to evaluate

>>> for k,v in pairs(params) do print(k,v, "     ") end

(is it possible to do a multi-line expression in the REPL?)

I get

hidden	table: 0x400618	     
group	-6	     
lookup	table: 0x400640	     
name	lissadron	     
params	table: 0x3e8140	     
count	41	     

which is not at all what I’d expect (my engine has 6 parameters called e.g. amp or freq)…

Any help appreciated!


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check out tutorial 1: