Norns: maiden

Is maiden being broken right now or is it just something to do with my norns? When I go to the ‘Available’ section of the library page there’s nothing listed and if I try to refresh the lists I get


base unknown catalog: base
community unknown catalog: community

Usually means GitHub is having a Moment


Yeah seems fine now. Thanks!

Good day to you, good people! I’m very new to coding but I do enjoy following studies and trying my best to learn Lua and how its integrated into the whole Norns ecosystem :slight_smile:

I do have some really newbie questions and am wondering if it would be ok if I make a separate thread where those that are just getting into the whole world of writing scripts/coding in maiden are able to ask “basic, newbie” questions, that would help them in learning the language and coding in maiden.

For example: I’m struggling to understand why every time I create a new .lua file I have color coded code, while as soon as I rename it, it changes to basic REPL/command line view (no color coding, no auto-collums)? This might be completely obvious to some and I do apologise if it’s a pretty easy answer.

I’m aware that a thread like this might already exist (and please point me to it : ) ), or maybe the questions are just spread throughout the lines threads, but it’d probably be good to have it’s own thing.

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when you rename the file, are you keeping the .lua at the end? if so, syntax highlighting should work.


It’s totally fine to ask here or in a new thread, but you might also want to drop into the Norns Study Group on Discord - back and forth and quick questions are often easier there :slight_smile:


OMG thank you! I knew it must be something dumb I didn’t pay extra attention to.

@radioedit Thank you! I will definitely check the Discord server, but I always thought this was for more intermediate users :slight_smile:

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No way! Beginners are very welcome. I’m definitely a beginner myself.


I’m there, usually asking daft questions!
But it’s a Lines-adjacent site so the folx there are from here, pretty much, and always nice and helpful!
See you there?!


@radioedit and @Helen Thank you so much, and see you there! :slight_smile:


This whoopsie I think since the latest big update in the Spring

<program name unknown>: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Installed readline stuff
⠃▋⡇ ~$ dpkg -l libreadline\* |grep "^ii"
ii  libreadline-dev:armhf 8.1-1        armhf        GNU readline and history libraries, development files
ii  libreadline6:armhf    6.3-9        armhf        GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
ii  libreadline8:armhf    8.1-1        armhf        GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries

Ie. no 7 which Maiden is (statically) linked with

I’ve created an issue on GitHub - maiden-repl doesn’t get the same amount of usage as the other components so I can imagine this slipped through the cracks when the base OS version was revised.

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I can imagine it being quite marginal; but nice for quick hacking (I was monkey-patching midi:note_on to midi:cc lol).

norns.el (Emacs :heart: norns) works wonders though!

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norns.el doesn’t rely on readline but on emacs’ internal comint library (what is used for most repl modes).

it also doesn’t use websocat but directly binds to the websocket via a core emacs lib.

all in all, it has little to no dependency and if maiden web repl works, it should work the same.

Hello! anyone have any advice? I can connect to Norns local but when using maiden I am unable to see the books icon in the top left and so cannot access script library…

It sounds like your device is either running a really old version of the norns software or that the browser has a really old copy of maiden cached. You could try completely clearing the browser cache.

maiden originally had code to cache a copy of the web app locally to speed startup times. The caching behavior ended up being more trouble than it was worth so it was removed a year or two ago.

I bought a second hand Norns and don’t think its had its fresh install… something about a disk image and unscrewing the back? that would have this affect I think?

Ah well that would do it. I think the maiden script catalog was added in the first year that norns was released so I would highly recommend installing a fresh disk image. From the sounds of it the software on that device is several years out of date.

The latest image is referenced in this topic and you’ll want to follow the fresh install instructions.

Once you have the latest system image then run SYSTEM > UPDATE to pick up any further fixes (there has been at least one release after the above full disk image was put together).


Having been away for a while, I just went to check Maiden library, and I cannot see any scripts! I can see all those that I have on norns, nut knot the available ones. Does anyone know what might be going on? Thanks.

Take a look at @ngwese’s suggestions above—it sounds like you might be experiencing something similar?

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