Norns: maiden



Alternatively, (what I did) was sftp to norns with Transmit (or any sftp app) and just move things around there. Or ssh which is further down the rabbit hole.


Yes! Now I remember what I was going to write up tonight - sftp guidance… Transmit or Cyberduck (on macOS or Windows) would do the trick. Ultimately the device directory people should focus on is /home/we/dust, it is safe to look around elsewhere just don’t accidentally delete anything :wink:

I don’t recall what Transmit’s UI looks like but if one is using Cyberduck just use the following URL in the Quick Connect box: sftp://we@norns.local/home/we/dust


Here’s what it looks like for me in Transmit. IP address will be different per network.


I’m trying to be disciplined and stick to Maiden to build muscle memory with it. But just in case… is there an executable I can hit in ssh to run a script, as an alternative to pressing the play button in Maiden


No not really. The maiden play button is just saving the script file and then sending lua code to matron to run the file. In order to interact with matron over ssh one would have to start matron directly without the ws-wrapper (at which point maiden wouldn’t be able to talk to matron)


Thanks @ngwese for the Cyberduck suggestion! Took absolutely no time to set up and connect to norns.


File mgmt also works in Coda 2 (IDE / FTP, et al.) also for what it’s worth.

Also I thought I remember seeing that it shouldn’t work in mobile, but I’ve had it on a mobile phone and tablet. (iphone 6 and ipad pro)


…it works just not as well as it should :slight_smile:


loving maiden so far!

not sure if this has been mentioned (didn’t see it in issues list) or if it’s even possible, but tabbed view for multiple files would be great.


I’ve been able to open a second instance of maiden in a 2nd browser tab which might offer similar functionality in the meantime. Though I’m unsure if this is best practice, it hasn’t seemed to cause any problems over here.


Please be aware that the script editor loads local copies of each script the first time one clicks on a file. If changes are made in one instance of maiden they won’t be seen in the other instance until the other browser is refreshed (if the file in question was previously loaded).

The REPL will however work correctly, changes in one will immediately be seen in all instances of the maiden REPL.


thanks, that’s helpful to know. I typically have been using the 2nd only for reference, but I’ll be mindful of this in the future!


sorry if this is floating elsewhere and i missed it

is there a way to select multiple files in maiden to delete / move / etc ???

trying to organize samples and folders rn


unfortunately no. everything is single file at the moment. doing heavy filesystem organization is one area where using something like Cyberduck referenced above or using ssh to directly do the work in a shell are probably the best way to go.


Would it possible to implement syntax highlighting in maiden (like in the studies), and maybe auto-space after a function line break?


all files w/ .lua suffixes should get syntax coloring treatment (and a bit of auto-spacing, though that’s not great IMO). are you seeing no highlighting or do you want the same highlighting as in the studies?


Ok I forgot the .lua at the end of my script name. :kissing:


Is there a way to make these ._ something files invisible or prevent the mac from adding them? Thanks!


This happened to me a few times and then it went away. I’m not sure why. I had reported it as a possible bug/enhancement on github, but was not able to reproduce the issue.

Have you updated to the newest release?


There is a (not free) app called Blue Harvest which cleans up after your mac, eliminating those files. It would probably help, but is probably not worth the cost.