Norns: maiden

Does this work with .sc files?

One can edit .sc files but there isn’t any syntax highlighting at the moment. I just checked and it appears that only lua and json editor modes are included in the current release version (ref code).

There has been some discussion around developing a mode for SuperCollider here. As of now it is possible to tweak engines (which live alongside scripts) from within maiden, save, then ;restart Supercollider to pick up the changes. The workflow is certainly primitive compared to the normal SuperCollider IDE running on a desktop.

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I was aware of the ability to open and edit engines in maiden, just didn’t know if I was overlooking a way to enable syntax highlighting. :sweat_smile: Thanks for the discussion link!

hi all ! i’m new to the norns zone and just put together a shield : ) i’m using the recommended wifi dongle to use as a hotspot and am able to connect to and open up maiden - however, when i try to refresh the available projects in the project manager, i only get an endless “refreshing catalog…” message that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. i wasn’t able to find any mention of this issue here, but if anyone has any pointers for things to look out for here, it would be so much appreciated !

hi hi!

if you’re using norns in hotspot mode, norns won’t be able to download anything – it’s only hosting the maiden interface. the catalog is hosted on github, so norns needs to be independently connected to wifi. connect to WIFI using these instructions and you should be able to refresh the catalog in maiden :slight_smile:


thanks so much, dan! that wasn’t super clear to me and now makes sense : )

shield doesn’t need a dongle because there is wifi built-in to the pi :slightly_smiling_face:


unless someone is trying to run an old Pi Model 2B :slight_smile:

(which is probably not advised :grin: )

is maiden down or is it just me? I am able to see the base patches but when I try to refresh the community patches I get an error saying Refreshing catalog failed: “unknown catalog: community”

There was a typo in the “community” catalog which was introduced in the last 24 hours. The file has been fixed - please try to refresh the catalog again.

If that doesn’t work then:

  • Does the dust/data/sources/community.json file exist on your device?
  • If so does is match this community.json file?
  • If the above looks fine are you able to download this file using a different computer (on the same WIFI network your device is running on)?

Given that this is happened a few times I’ve created a ticket to setup validation before changes to the catalog can be merged.

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I merged this request with the bug, so a glance isn’t enough. good call on automated validation

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hey yall

if this is the wrong spot to report a bug please let me know…

updating scripts does not seem to work for me
instead i have to remove the existing version to re-install the updated script

not an urgent request and i’m only trying to make marginal improvement to reach full potential of this amazing project manager


Is there any error message that pops up? Does the little hexadecimal version number on the installed view change?

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Just in case: I think this would be expected behavior for anything that wasn’t installed by git/maiden in the first place (e.g. by direct transfer over SFTP/scp)


you might be right
but does that mean if i wipe all the apps and reload them from maiden i shouldn’t encounter this anymore?

usually there is an error which i share when i’m back home to test

Not sure what you mean…after removal and re-installation

question/suggestion: would it be possible to have an alert or something similar when saving script changes (maybe over a certain threshold, like x # of lines/files added/deleted) in maiden? something that could be turned on/off?

my scenario: now that I’m wfh, I’ve been using 2 different laptops w/ multiple maiden tabs open. I very stupidly overwrote about 5 hours of work as I only clicked “connect to maiden” before continuing from my other computer today.

no problem if this is too much. maiden is great and this is hopefully not a mistake I’ll be making again.

edit: alternatively, could clicking “connect to maiden” trigger a refresh? (though if someone were working and had to take care of something and in the process got disconnected prior to saving, this wouldn’t be good)

I’m sorry to hear that you lost a bunch of work. That is really unfortunate.

The “connect to matron” (or “connect to sc”) buttons only relate to the functioning of the the respective command REPLs - the state of edited files are a completely separate thing.

As currently implemented the maiden editor is not really safe to use from multiple machines. Each time a file is selected in the file tree the entire file/script is copied into memory in the browser. If the script is subsequently saved or run the current state of that file in the browser is currently sent back to norns and saved on the device so that matron (the lua control layer) can load and run the file.

What might make the most sense is for maiden to check to see; on run or save, if the file back on norns has changed - if it has then maiden could present a warning that work could be overwritten and offer to continue or to save the current file with a new name. How does that sound?

UPDATE: I’ve created an issue on GH for this


that’s exactly what I had in mind, I just hadn’t thought to check norns for changes first. seems like the best way to go about it.

the loss work of work led to more interesting results when trying to duplicate what I had done, so that’s no big deal at all.


Hey there just now getting my Norns (fates)

Have a few questions concerning maiden

  • Am I typing on the top line for the script?

  • Having trouble understanding how to install orac and use with my norns anyone care to walk a first time user through something like over dm perhaps?

  • Do I need todo anything to norns while I’m installing new apps and such?

Also getting a rather blank screen when looking for apps and there isn’t a refresh button of sorts like seen on other screens. Wondering if there something else there has to be done here since its a DIY norns?

Thanks for your time!

The REPL is on the screen with the >_ icon. You are able to type lua commands at the bottom of the page (docs here)

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 3.36.17 PM

But - that’s for lua things, not for command line things.

This is done via a terminal application and SSH - not in maiden. The the top post here for installation instructions.

If you install a script that includes an engine, you will need to restart. Either SLEEP then power off/on, or you can use the RESET menu item, although this will also reset your volumes, etc.

There shouldn’t be. Be sure you’ve updated - see the fates releases page for details