Norns: mlr

I have had similar issues without MIDI connected on several scripts. Where the Grid just loses its connection as described above (this usually happens after an engine has been switched for a specific script).

Back to MIDI:
MIDI is very unstable ‘universally’ – In foulplay for example, the MIDI clock does not stay in sync with the script and has a lot of jitter. Same goes for MLR.

Restarting the unit resets the behaviour. Works for about 1 min tops.

OK, I’ll keep fiddling, thanks…

Yeah, this is precisely the thing that gets me every once in a while with Norns MLR — I’ll have forgotten to set the track/loop in motion on page 2, so even if I’ve armed the track and engaged record on page 1, nothing will get recorded. Got the hang of it pretty quickly, though!


Yes, you need to set your pattern length on the next page. I normally just open everything up on every channel to the full 16 steps and set all 4 channels to play, before hitting record

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Thanks, my friend. Yes, today I tried again…I swear to god same as I was trying last night…and it works! Awesome.

How does one clear the audio or buffer on a particular track or all tracks?

yes I asked that too…

Elementary confusion…but my problem was that I was only using one input. So input 2 goes to tracks 2 and 4, in 1 goes to 1 and 3. I switched monitor to mono, and it fixed one combination (1 will now to go 4), but NOT in 1 to track 2. Weird. Still monkeying around.

update: after further experimenting, input 1 will go to tracks 1,3 and 4, but NOT 2. any ideas?

And what is the key combination to record a pattern?

Have you checked this page? There is a lot of info here on the mlr norns port:

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if i recall correctly this is a known issue, i reported it as well as a few others.

thanks for the info.

I’m not sure if it has been addressed in other threads yet but I was wondering about panning in MLR. It would be awesome to have panning controls for the four tracks. I am wanting to use the stereo outs on Norns in order to spatialize my sounds but it doesn’t seem like any scripts really address that (other than being able to load in stereo files).

another thing I didn’t see any info about was a method for assigning the two inputs to specific tracks in MLR.

any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. :v:t4:


sorry, like brian i’ve been occupied with lots of non-norns related things in the past weeks.

but in the background we’ve made some infrastructure changes to the norns SC system allowing (among other things) voices in this engine to be processed on separate CPU cores. so we have much more total processing available and i can go ahead and revert some of the corner-cutting changes, meaning better interpolation and more audio-rate params for MLR (better sync, smoother fades.)

adding panning and filtering per-voice in the engine is definitely something i want as well. and it is quite simple. how to control such addditional params from MLR interface is another question that i probably won’t worry about.

(actually the engine does support panning already, now that i think about it - just the mlr script doesn’t provide any controls for it (yet)).

this thing with the channel assignments is pretty baffling. it’s not intentional, and i’m 99% sure that it’s not something the engine itself is doing. seems as though MLR script is somehow setting up the engine to sample from the master outputs (after monitor bussing? really i don’t get it) instead of directly from the inputs. will investigate.

anyways, various engine-level improvements are coming soon.


To clear the audio buffer I record silence into it - there’s no quick button combo that does this. Also note you can record different audio into different loop points of the same channel.

Don’t forget you can load up prerecorded wav files also. Its easier to line everything up and prepare in say Ableton first. Use the main menu on norms to load in samples and 3rd page in MLR to assign your samples.

The fun is with the pattern button recorders - they work on both pages, not just the second page.


I wanted to share some finding from using MLR in a live situation. Errors that I have found. Ive read the thread and cant see then mentioned already, so was wondering if anyone could shed any light on them. connected to Grid in all instances.

  • Sometimes certain record channels don’t work - this is from turning Norns on. All visual queues work as should but channel 2 won’t record (mostly 2 in my case, but once 2&4).

  • On startup (5% of the time I would say) all lights start as normal but nothing functions. If you push a light button it goes off. Have to restart.

  • Sometimes record is all bitcrushed - I cant pinpoint this at all but happens about 10% of the time

any feedback or potential fixes would be welcome. Im planning to use Norns live in a performance so having this ironed out would be better for my health. :slight_smile:

They are aware of the 2 and 4 channel not-recording bug.

Regarding bit crushed audio, forgive me if you are aware of this, but if you have the speed of that channel set to something other than standard speed, the recording will be at a different speed (can sound bit crushed if you record while set to higher speed then set playback to standard speed).

Also, one of the developers mentioned they are working to clean up the audio so it isn’t as bitcrushed…but I like it and think it would be cool if they gave us a clean and more bit crushed option in the parameters!


hoping that possibly in the future that something can be implemented so when the user presses record and stop that mlr would recognize the tempo based on the length on the first recording in a project. Kind of the same way that pickup machines work on the Octatrack. This would make live looping a lot easier without having to maybe pre-load a percussion track to keep the time for the rest of the available tracks. Im not sure if this would be possible or not. I need to get up to speed in learning lua


Love this idea.
I also think a taptempo function would Be equally useful!
There really does need a better way to work with the tempo and loops, maybe a metronome at te least? All ideas for now :smiley:


Cheers, yeah thanks I was aware. what I have is a little different and intermittent. all good.
thanks for the info.

Am I missing something, where is the 3rd page?
You talking about on the

  1. Rec level / Overdub
  2. Volume / Speed mod
    pages? thats all i have.

@yelsnit Sounds like the 3rd page being referrred to here is the Clip page, accessed on the grid itself — it’s the third grid key from the left on the top row.

Little MLR quick start pdf here, in case you hadn’t seen it: