Norns: mlr



I plan on overhauling the script to take advantage!


Apologies if this is already on the radar for the next update, as I know there’s a lot of updates coming, but I’ve been having a hard time actually getting 4 tracks (and sometimes even 3 tracks!) of playback at once. Occassionally the sample will start playing and then suddenly stop, even though all indications for that row tell me it’s still playing back. If I assign the same clip to the first or second track, everything is fine, so it feels like I’m running out of resources or something? Worse, while trying to debug this situation, I’ve occasionally triggered horribly loud digital noise – and I’ve come to the point now where I’m kind of afraid to use MLR at all or risk damaging my ears.

Can we put some kind of hard limiter based on the volume knob, especially with headphones? Not sure how to proceed anymore :frowning_face:


That’s no good. It’s supernova freaking out. We’ve given up working around it and are doing something totally different.

Unfortunately a hard limiter in software cant protect against its own environment falling apart.


Yes I’ve had this - I want to use MLR for playing live but it is too unreliable and unstable.


This here is what you call a truism of the truest sort.


in the meantime try disabling reverb, should help!


I hope this has not been answered elsewhere, but what’s the current implementation of variable sample length? Can I record a loop and use its length as a master for tempo / other loop lengths?

Also, I tried changing the tempo with running samples, shouldn’t they adapt to the new tempo and pitch shift accordingly as in the old Max version?


Just started using MLR and I’ve got a few questions about the basic functionality.

First of all, does the tempo function actually change the loop duration? When I am looking at clip mode and I change the tempo, the speed of playback does not appear to change. I assumed it would change the duration of the steps in clip mode.

Second question is what exactly does the quantization do? I am assuming it doesn’t quantitize the audio, so is it just for quantitizing the pattern record?

Thanks in advance!


in order to have the tempo affect the clip, you have to make it “follow the master tempo” by going to the “rec / speed” page ( upper left button ) hold down the “alt” button ( upper right button ) and then selecting the clip you want to have follow the tempo using the “focus” button ( third and fourth column from the left in the “rec / speed” page ).

quantization affects button presses in the cut page for pattern record as well as making the inner looping follow the master tempo.

one issue at the moment however, recording in to a clip that has been set to “follow tempo” will give you harsh aliasing. you can still use follow tempo on pre loaded clips you don’t intend to record over though ( good for drums for example ). the clips you leave as recording buffers will still inner loop properly ( even without pressing follow ) and have quantized button presses if you wish.


Alright thanks! That’s super helpful. Looking forward to trying this out.


imagine if MLR had a way to help you perform superfast rolls :thinking:


There could be one or more control keys on the grid (or midi notes) playing a small buffer that retriggers the current pressed key to a set interval!


What I’d like to see in MLR is a Filter!


Quick question on stereo input: Does MLR sum the Norns inputs to mono?
I’m using a field recorder as live input and would be great to take advantage of the stereo mics when recording into MLR, but it appears to play back the tracks in mono… Is there a setting somewhere to change this, or is it just the way MLR behaves?


Hello -
I’m wondering about the playhead speed on the cut screen.
It seems like the ways to change it are to use the speed mod on the rec screen and/or use the speed buttons on the rec screen.
The tempo in the params doesn’t seem to effect it- seems like that’s more for the quantizing of button presses.

Is the playhead speed 92 before making speed mods? And what are the percentages that the speed buttons change it to?

Also I find myself wanting the same 4 options I have in the rec screen while I’m on the cut screen but there is only volume.

Also - thank you. I use mlr every day and I love it.


@etuan you set the tempo in params, then if you press the top right key and the key at the left side of the reverse key the selected track will follow the set tempo.
@tehn any thoughts re increasing the recorded time per track? Thanks


@swhic Thank you for that!


To answer my own question, whilst scouring the forum for info I’m pretty sure I read that the softcut engine is in mono…


In this rather lovely video from @tehn , there is a small pitch interpolation or ‘slide’ when the octave buttons are pressed. Sounds great anyway…
So how is this achieved in mlr? Mine appears to jump straight to the next octave on a button press, which is cool, but I love the sound of the slide :slightly_smiling_face:


same situation here! I wish we had stereo capabilities