Norns: mlr



I’ve been experiencing this same crash when syncing a digitone with norns via a usb to midi din cable. The only difference for me is that my grid will also almost completely light up before going dark and not responding. I also seem to get issues with my audio going in. I will start to get digital distortion. After rebooting and removing the usb midi cable the issue is gone.


This video from @EagleEyedTiger was helpful for me.


ok (also @David_Rothbaum) it appears there is a bug that somehow affects the interaction of the grid when midi is attached as well. i’ll be looking into it (though i’m traveling for about a week, back on it soon)


I’ve had the same grid glitch after I updated to the latest firmware with midi cc enabled. I have a Faderfox connected to one of the USB ports and CC’s enabled. One time while playing mlr the grid just went blank as if it had become disconnected. Another time, all the lights just lit up. I managed to get the grid back by disconnecting and reconnecting but another time I had to reboot. It doesn’t happen everytime but definitely a glitch which I never saw before in the previous firmware.


this happens to me too.


can anyone confirm that this grid glitch happens with midi devices not attached?


IIRC, this has happened to me once without any external midi devices connected (mind you, it did happen after attempting to do some midi CC mapping earlier that day, in a different session).

So, what happened was:

  • Power on
  • Grid illuminates (MLR controls) but is otherwise unresponsive
  • Unplug/reconnect grid. I saw the boot-up sequence top-left with the lights, but then no illuminated buttons at all once MLR was loaded.
  • Re-booted Norns (via sleep) and everything has been fine since.


Just had the most amazing experience with mlr in the forest live sampling my mates Kalimba.
Some things I’m not sure how to do or if they are implemented.
Having record enabled for multiple tracks?
And a tap tempo INPUT? Either from grids or via a key on Norns.
Also a lowpass filter on each track would be ideal for reducing some aliasing noise.


never had it happen without midi attached at some point. almost every time i lose grid functionality if i start with midi/grid swap to ansible then go back to norns. mlr plays fine but the grid does not function at all.