Norns: mlr



mlr got some minor updates:

  • de-click rec start/stop
  • playback speed interp
  • 6 channels
  • clear-all-buffers: hold alt (top right) while selecting REC (top left)
  • visual changes to screen (dual-display, much nicer)

looking forward to spending some time flushing out the actual features i’d intended.

also planning a SoftCut study which shows how to script your own wildest sample manipulation ideas (!)


Alas, the select comments say panning, but I see that functionality was pulled.

Love having 6 channels!



yikes, forgot to edit the comment.

was having engine trouble with the panning method and the clock ran out.


is mlr input always on?
monitor and input level encoders don’t make any changes… am I doing something wrong or is this normal?


you’re talking about the LEVELS menu screen, right? MONITOR should work as a passthru. INPUT i believe doesn’t do anything here.

do you have RECORD on in mlr? what situation are you getting input passthru?


thanks for you reply @tehn but I think it was a bug, restarted norns and everything is ok with LEVELS


ok @tehn, after all MONITOR problem in LEVELS is still happening.

if MLR is the first script I open when I power up norns, then everything is ok. If I open AWAKE or other script, when I reopen MLR the LEVELS input MONITOR always passes thru, even if ENC3 in LEVELS is all the way down.
this happens if I just open MLR and do nothing with it, with no RECORD enable.
I’m with the latest update.

Norns: help

HI, I’m trying to understand how to load my own samples
Do I copy them to my usb and sync from usb
Can I have samples in a folder and copy the folder to the usb
or do I copy samples directly to usb
and how do I put them into a clip
will the name of the clip show up (bird1) on norns
I see Clip1 with grid I can go all the way up to clip 6
I also see name 1 with grid can go all the way up to name 16
so I can have a total 96 clips
please help me figure this out, I’m sure there’s others with similar questions
thank you :slight_smile:


@sno @tehn this sounds like a symptom of MLR engine smashing the main input busses on engine shutdown. this should be fixed with the recent update.

if this theory is correct, besides going away with the update, the problem should consistently appear after switching from MLR to a different script, and then back to MLR.

if its wrong, then maybe there is a similar error remaining that i didn’t spot, or my fix was bad.

it’s an engine limitation, but it’s not impossible to extend the engine/ugen. since the ugen is still undergoing many changes, it doesn’t seem like the best time to extend it to multichannel - this involves a significant amount of c++ boilerplate and is best done when things are a little more settled.

besides the lowest level DSP, there is of course some usability stuff to think about to switch transparently between stereo/mono modes.


Have you taken a look at the mlr docs?

Here is the relevant section:


lets you select which sound clip (1-16) is being used for the track. you can select which clip is being used per track on the grid interface.

scroll with ENC2 to select and KEY2 to load a file. KEY3 lets you resize the clip (according to the multiplier set by ENC3 and the current tempo).

Navigate to the clip page on the grid, then use the norns encoders and buttons to load samples/clips.


Thanks for the info! that helps :slight_smile:


thanks for the info @zebra but this is happening with the latest update.


i’ve not checked but does the latest MLR save your loaded samples in the presets?


ok thanks, good to know


i would love to be able to recall presets in mlr! its the one thing keeping me from performing live with it


I haven’t tried, but I also haven’t seen anything to suggest it was added. It would certainly be a welcome addition tho!


Me too - also the ability to save your recording to tape or record direct to usb.
Hope these 2 appear in the next update


i’ll get presets with file slots into the next mlr update.

exporting individual clips might work as well, though there will be a bit of engine code to add…


so happy to hear! cant wait to take norns out to play !

it seems that mlr is still having trouble with larger files. i’ve been experinecing this with an 8 second loop i loaded up. the audio drops out for the last 16th note.


the engine has a “write” command that should suffice, unless you also want the engine to perform clip->buffer region bookkeeping.

// write buffer region to named soundfile (args are name, start, duration)
[\write, \sff, { |msg| this.writeBuf(msg[1], msg[2], msg[3]) }],