Norns "mods" development

A thread for conversation, tips, tricks, WIP, etc. in relation to the new norns “mods” system.

From the Documentation

mods are small chunks of code to create custom modifications to the core workings of the norns system software. mods are features which modify the basic functionality of norns, for all scripts, but is a feature which isn’t necessary to include in the foundational norns codebase.

Note - there is a mods tag in the Library category here.
Please tag your mods!

Example Mod on GitHub


I’ve been interested in making a mod that adds support for the fennel language ( in norns mods without having to distribute fennel with them or AoT compile fennel code to lua, would this be possible?

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@tyleretters just created a mods category on mods | norns community.

don’t hesitate to register you mods there too if you wish.


Do I understand it correctly that mods would be the place to make a global midi grid override?

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yes, @JaggedNZ has already evoked the idea IIRC.


started writing an audio to midi mod, but had to give up. Hope someone has the same idea with more persistence than me!


I’d love to see:

as mods. I mayyyy have some time to work on them this holiday, but probably not :cry: I feel like someone may have already had a go at Arcify mod?


I think it’s possible. The fennel-enabling-mod would include the fennel.lua library, and bootstrap something like listed in the fennel docs.

Not sure if it’d enable writing your script directly in fennel, or if you’d need a little bootstrap .lua file from which you’d require your fennel script.

My main question would be whether you can easily check from a script if the fennel-mod is active (and error out if not).

yep, mods.is_loaded(name)


this may provide you some satisfaction:


i’ve been meaning to work on a hnds mod, i just haven’t had the time and inspiration at the same time :sweat_smile:


I’m planning on doing my own mods for the first two use cases at least


I’d like a quantized mid-controllable softcut looper I can drop into any non-softcut script. Anyone done this yet?

It’s on my list but I’m hoping someone beats me to it :slight_smile:


I had the exact same thought but didn’t even make it to the state of implementation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It would be amazing if anyone looked into a mod for translating input sound to arbitrary modulation of parameters.

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That’s a great idea! Samsara: a minimalist looper is super simple, and respects the norns system clock and midi transport messages. Would be happy to answer any questions about it! The hard part would likely be the interaction – all the encoders and keys will be used up by the actual running script, so you’ll want some other way to trigger play/pause and arm/disarm.


Thanks I’ll take a look! My plan would be to midi map all the looper functionality to a footswitch, so theoretically I wouldn’t need a norns UI for that part


Hey Everyone, I am wondering if midigrid is a candidate for a Norns mod? Or is it too dependent on individual script’s grid implementation?


Yes it is, the developer has mentioned that it’s not as simple as they first hoped.

Trying to remember but I think they mentioned putting something on GitHub when they’ve had the chance to work on it.


Sounds good & thanks for the info. I’ll try to watch out for more developments.

Two questions:

  • What is the / is there a consensus on where to put the menu for you mods?
  • Is there a way to install required packages with apt-get install when activating a mod?

Last week I quickly put together this mod to play internet radio through the inputs, and @infinitedigits added the great ability of being able to select stations in the params menu- even though I first thought of having the menu options under the mod. It seems easier to make the menu part of the parameters menu, but then it can get quite full/long quickly.
Also, this mod requires the mpv package to be installed. Is there way to do that when activating a mod?


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